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It’s no secret that Australia and New Zealand are proud sporting nations. Rugby, netball, and cricket have been popular among Australians and New Zealanders for over a century.
Sport is an integral part of school life at Tanglin, which strives to nurture and inspire lifelong participation in physical activity. This past year, record numbers of students participated in sport, with over 160 teams competing in 17 different sports.

At the helm of Tanglin’s commitment to sport is the school’s CEO and former competitive athlete, Craig Considine, who represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games in track and field and played professional AFL football for Richmond.

“Sport creates so many opportunities. I often use sport and aspects of our co-curriculum as a way of future-proofing our young people,” says Craig. “I refer to the three-legged tripod of sustaining a young person with an academic, a pastoral, and a co-curricular leg that really shows there is a balance in their lives; as soon as the balance is lost in one of those areas, it falls over. Too much academia, not enough sport, not looking after your mental health; one of those things will lead to you falling over.”

Strong Sporting Culture

Tanglin strives to develop the potential of all students through a positive experience in sport. The range of opportunities and the dynamic learning environment created by experienced teachers and coaches ensures that each child is encouraged to achieve their personal best.

“In Singapore, children can miss out on being part of a team or playing an individual sport”

The youngest children experience activities which equip them with the tools to play a variety of sport in Junior and Middle School, where the large and diverse programme includes team games such as basketball, football, rugby, netball, touch, cricket and volleyball. Students can also pursue individual activities such as badminton, judo, wrestling, climbing and parkour, in addition to Tanglin’s renowned gymnastics and swimming programmes. Students have access to competitive opportunities both in Singapore and overseas, which ensures that everyone is supported and stretched.

Dave Radcliffe, Tanglin’s Director of Sport says; “We seek to provide positive experiences through competitions which excite and challenge our young athletes. Aside from being fun and enjoyable, appropriate competition can build confidence and resilience, whilst also developing important skills such as teamwork, leadership and self-management.”

Tanglin athletes compete in inter-school fixtures in Singapore and across the wider region, including the Southeast Asia Student Activities Committee (SEASAC) and the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA). So how do Tanglin teams fare? The Girls’ 19&U Football team won the SEASAC championship in November, their sixth title in seven years, whilst Tanglin teams have enjoyed considerable success, with football, netball, touch and rugby teams particularly strong. The swimming programme has produced national level athletes, with success in English and GB nationals, while Tanglin Gymnastics has some of the highest performing squads in the region.

The Future of Sport at Tanglin

In January 2023, the Tanglin Centenary Building opens its doors to the community. The 11-storey building will include world-class sporting facilities including an Aquatic Centre, Climbing Wall, Gymnastics Centre and Athletic Development Gym, which will be enjoyed by the whole school community.

  • Aquatic Centre
    The Aquatic Centre offers an Olympic-length, weather-proofed swimming pool, allowing significant expansion of all levels of the programme. This new facility will benefit Tanglin’s high performing swimmers, the Merlions, as well as the youngest children who will have access to a new “Learn to Swim” programme. Coached by former world record holder and world champion, Bobby Hurley, these are thrilling times for Tanglin’s swimming community.
  • Climbing Wall
    Climbing enthusiasts will face off with the new 15 metre wall that is designed and made by the Climbing World Championships wall maker, Walltopia. This challenging new facility is Walltopia’s first outdoor climbing wall in Singapore and comes with two unique features: its modern, flat surface, as well as a belay bar at its summit. These allow students to learn and practise lead climbing and speed climbing.
  • Gymnastics Centre
    Close to 500 students from across the age range take part in recreational and competitive gymnastics, which is the largest school programme in Singapore. Tanglin’s new Gymnastics Centre is over 1,300sqm and boasts Olympic standard equipment and an elevated platform with tumble track and air track. This centre will allow Tanglin’s full time coaching team to get the best out of young gymnasts of all ages.

  • Athletic Development Gym
    The new Athletic Development Gym is equipped with a dedicated strength-training area, complete with a 17 metre customised rig and the latest cardiorespiratory equipment. Power athletes will have access to a running track and force plates, whilst younger students can enjoy cargo nets, monkey swings, slacklines, and freestyle movement apparatus.

Craig concludes; “Camaraderie and connectedness are important lessons to learn from sport, and I want students to take these values with them when they leave school. In Singapore, where the focus can be on academics in senior school, children can miss out on the joy of being part of a team or the discipline of playing an individual sport. Our mantra is to be your personal best. It’s about overcoming challenges and being the best you can be.”


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