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How do you select the best international moving companies in Singapore, to ensure you work with professionals you can trust? There are many relocating companies in Singapore, but all of them are not equal. Here’s a relocation checklist to help you select the best shipping company and make a house move more easily.

Do your research

  1. Where are you relocating to? Determine the international moving companies that have those services.
  2. How fast do you want to ship your items? What kind of things will you be shipping? Check to see which moving companies on your list cover those areas? Do you need storage? Are you shipping door to door or door to port? Do you need SEA or AIR or both?
  3. Now make your list and put everything down as it is better to have a detailed quotation and thereafter work within your budget.
  4. Contact the potential moving companies on your list and request a quote. Ensure you ask about other charges such as packing and unpacking costs, terminal/port charges, shipping costs, insurance, access.
  5. Aim for at least three quotes to carefully compare services and costs.
  6. Determine what you might ship and make sure you point them out during the inspection, so you have an almost accurate estimate. Declutter early and here are some tips.

Connect with potential international movers 

  1. Before you accept any bid, here are eight critical questions, you must ask your potential movers:
    1. Do you have the proper insurance and license? (check the coverage of license)
    2. Do they have the right certifications from applicable governing bodies?
    3. Do your quotes have a validity period?Understand your quotation.
    4. What additional fees can I incur along the way?
    5. What payments do you accept?
    6. What items do you have special restrictions on?
    7. Are you contracting the shipment from a drop-off to a destination?
    8. What is the exact time frame for the shipping process?
    9. What insurance coverage do you offer?

Choosing the right moving companies in Singapore

  1. Make sure your chosen moving company is a member of a reputable professional association such as  FIDI.
  2. Ensure that the price meets your needs adequately. However, never aim for the lowest plan, ensure that your expectations should be met before making your choice.
  3. Ask for referrals and past moving projects.

Selecting the right moving partner for your relocation is a careful process. Take time to assess each moving company on your list critically.


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