“Before joining Centre Stage I taught dance in the UK for 11 years in educational and community institutions. When I was younger, I discovered ballet, tap and modern and when an urban dance company emerged, I joined and this became my first teaching job. I mainly trained in ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, and jazz in college and university. Once I finished my degree, I undertook my PGCE and became a qualified teacher and taught GCSE and BTEC dance and BTEC musical theatre. During this time, I worked for the urban dance company, Streetbeat and at another community dance school teaching gymnastics and cheerleading.

Hip hop, ballet, musical theatre & more

I realised that I was ready for a new adventure. For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to work abroad – especially somewhere hot! Centre Stage was the first role I was particularly interested in when looking for jobs. I researched the school and loved everything I saw. There were many classes for children and young adults to be involved in and plenty of programmes delivered in schools and during the holidays. There is always room for professional development, and Centre Stage offers many courses taught by outstanding teachers whom I thought would be a privilege to work with and learn from. I realised I was ready to change from a college setting to a centre that strives to engage people in the arts.

Centre Stage is a family. You are instantly welcomed in as soon as you walk through the door. It is a community where strong friendships are formed and will last a lifetime. When I started here, my colleagues and students were amiable and made me feel at home. The students are honestly a pleasure to teach and make Centre Stage proud. They are always lively, willing to participate in anything and everything, and committed to the centre.

I teach dance classes such as Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre Dance, Boy’s Dance, Tap, Musical Theatre Workshop and Hip Hop.

Children need an outlet as much as an adult. Dance is an excellent way for children to express any emotion, especially those they may not be able to explain verbally. It should be fun for children, playing games, laughing, and keeping active, but I also believe dance provides children with imperative skills to help them through life. Dance helps to mould children into creative thinkers and problem solvers; it can help build resilience, discipline and a strong work ethic by overcoming challenges. Finally, it can leave someone with a sense of accomplishment. No one will walk into a dance class and feel like they are the best, but that is ok, you are there for yourself and no one else.

Safe & inclusive

I have only been here for six months, but my favourite moment must be the Little Mermaid Ballet. I love everything to do with preparing for performances and the performances themselves and to be a part of this as my first show was an honour. The students were delightful and performed their hearts out. The excitement on their faces, to be provided with the opportunity to perform after a tough couple of years of the pandemic.

Centre Stage is unlike any institute I have worked in before. It is a safe and inclusive environment for children and young adults to be creative. The teachers are passionate about their jobs and go the extra mile to make every student’s experience as positive and enjoyable as possible. The content of each course is considered carefully to ensure each student’s maximum potential is unlocked. Centre Stage has something for everyone.”

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