Being a community of Australians and New Zealanders, we know how to whip up a mean burger back home on the barbie. For this reason, we didn’t have to be asked twice to try out the new burger menu at Three Buns – the burger joint cooking up a storm in Singapore since 2018 with their inventive, tasty and seriously good-portioned burgers with twists on this absolute classic.

A member of the Potato Head family, helmed by Executive Chef Adam Penney, prides itself on building all burgers from scratch using choice cuts of aged vintage Tasmanian beef, simply seasoned with kosher salt and dressed in home-made sauces and premium cheeses. A variety of buns, such as brioche and mango flour are freshly baked by a local baker using in-house recipes.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Three Buns Quayside has introduced a new series of burgers to their already impressive menu. We started with the new “Sambal Man” ($19.50) which brings an Indonesian twist with gochujang ketchup, miso mayo and sambal sauce slowly cooked down for a lingering spice and fragrant sweetness.

Cheese fans can indulge in the “Jason 4 Cheese” ($27.50), loaded with a an in-house mix of the world’s best cheeses, then slowly and carefully marinated with Brewdog Punk IPA for a sharp bitterness from first bite. The brilliantly named “Lambdango” ($22.50) will delight lovers of lamb. A lighter version of the house signature “Rambo” lamb burger, the “Lambdango” comes with a delicious home-made guacamole, caramelised tomato salad and a dash of crème fraiche.

The menu also boasts a range of plant-based options for vegans and vegetarians. New addition “Fry Me to The Moon” ($20.50) is made with TiNDLE – an authentic ‘chicken’ that is made from plants, and comes with a home-made Korean-style barbecue sauce, three island mayonnaise, hot sauce and pink onion pickles.

To accompany the burgers at Three Buns Quayside are range of new sides and salads. Dip into the “Miso Dirty Fries” ($14.50) for loaded fries drenched in miso bearnaise sauce and smoked chicken sausage, or “Nugg It” ($11.50) for plant based nuggets served with Korean BBQ sauce. As a different alternative, try “Broc Party” ($12.50), roasted broccoli served with miso mayo, parmesan, calamansi and toasted cashew.

Verdict: Three Buns Quayside just gets better. Up for a challenge? A whopping 1.7kg burger stacked with seven patties and the full works or cheese, ketchup, pickles and spiced mayo is only for the very bravest and most voracious of burger-lovers. Finish in under 15 minutes and it’s yours for free! (We did not attempt this, but vowed to return to give it a go!).

Three Buns Quayside

60 Robertson Quay