Travel and wellness experiences have evolved way beyond a basic back ‘n’ shoulder massage at a hotel spa. Indeed, a wellbeing holiday can be anything that leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and rebalanced, and you don’t have to go to Eat, Pray, Love proportions to feel the benefits. From personalised programmes including Thai boxing to Tibetan prayer, to trips that encompass all the family, here’s a selection of healing-havens that are perfect for a pick-me-up.

Soneva Fushi, Baa Atoll, Maldives

A trip to the barefoot bliss that is Soneva Fushi is likely to always make you feel brighter, but on top of their spa menu of dedicated rituals including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalism, and methodologies such as vitamin therapy, they’re taking their commitment to Zen to another level. Their inaugural immersive wellness festival, SOUL, happens this September and welcomes guests to explore the concept of feeling good in all its forms. The event runs over 10 days, and participants can experience ancient traditions and modern innovations through workshops, programmes and one-to-one consultations led by visionaries, thought leaders, and health pioneers. All proceeds from tickets sold will go to the Soneva Foundation and Organic India Foundation which helps to support environmental, social and economic projects.

Six Senses Vana, Himalayas, India 

Leave your tech at the door and slip your organic PJs on: Vana Retreat (translating as ‘forest’) is a luxury escape where mod cons and high fashion are unneccessary. Disconnection, peace and possibility are the name of the game here, but that’s not to say that it’s all about doing nothing. Upon arrival guests are prescribed a personal wellness plan based on Ayurveda, Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Days are spent enjoying ancient spa treatments: raag therapy is healing via time spent with a flautist; hor gyi metsa involves warm herbal poultices dotted on your body’s nerve channels alongside Tibetan prayer. Hiking, tennis, gym sessions and yoga are also available for those looking for something a little more energetic.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Want to sleep better, quit smoking, or shake long Covid out of your system? SHA Wellness Clinic could be your answer. This showstopping hideaway aims to treat major illnesses while also offering preventative programmes. Guests can choose from paths including Detox, Optimal Weight, and Healthy Ageing, and plans are tailored personally. Expect macrobiotic food, massages and treatments alongside informal lectures, cooking classes and psychological therapies.

COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali 

Fatigued bodies and minds are perked up good and proper on the personalised wellness programmes at COMO Shambhala. With a focus on detoxing, dealing with major life changes and general rejuvenation, activities combine dance, hydrotherapy and jungle hikes with more ancient healing therapies such as reflexology, ayurvedic massage and iridology. Everything is designed to guide each guest towards their personal wellness goals with assistance from resident experts including a dietician, Ayurvedic doctor, reflexologist, Oriental medicine specialist, plus fitness, yoga, Pilates, and qigong instructors. After a day of re-wiring, retire to your private spring water infinity pool and feel a whole new you emerging.

Split Apple Retreat, New Zealand 

After a stay at Split Apple Retreat you leave with less stress and more education on health and happiness. Many guests choose to arrive armed with blood tests to aid their medical consultation with a doctor who devises a unique wellness plan; others simpy visit to soak up the incredible scenery. There’s a Japanese spa, saltwater swimming pool, sauna, steam room and gym, but you’re likely to be lured outside where you can go bushwalking, horse riding, fishing, or opt to discover secluded beaches or swim with seals.

Amatara Wellness Resort, Phuket

When it comes to personal wellbeing, you can never start too young, which is why Amatara Wellness Resort is a winner. Their Family Wellness Programme brings your whole brood together for some feel-good bonding. This three-night package teaches children how to incorporate wellness into their lives with spa treatments, family Thai boxing sessions, workshops that inspire green living and creativity, healthy snack making and cookery classes. For those without littlies, the focus is on fitness, yoga, meditation, weight loss and detox. Qualified practitioners are on-hand alongside top-notch wellness facilities including a spa, Moroccan hammam, gym, fitness studios and a yoga platform.