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As part of SAS Reimagined—our campus upgrade project at Singapore American School, our ninth grade humanities learning community is a first of its kind and was designed to create a sense of community, increase access to various types of learning spaces, promote student agency, and provide more opportunities for student and teacher collaboration.

Dedicated educators

These new spaces enable educators and students to strengthen relationships and foster an inclusive culture while focusing on high quality practices to plan, learn, teach, and assess.
Units taught in our ninth grade learning community never fail to surprise and—more
importantly—help us look at both history and literature from a new perspective. Whether it is remixed Romeo and Juliet scenes or our very own mini-museum on ancient empires, it’s a guarantee that you will have a lot of fun with these lessons. Who said that literature and history classes had to stick to the old textbook?

Students enjoy learning, growing and building connections in our ninth grade learning
community because of the incredible flexibility the space offers. Classrooms are designed to enable effortless collaboration or productive alone time, with movable walls and sound-proof booths that allow students to work in whatever environment suits them best. Innovative curriculums also engage and excite students, going beyond traditional textbooks to offer a fresh perspective on history and literature. Dedicated educators work tirelessly to support learning and ensure that students have the best possible experience, prioritizing a diverse and respectful community that values collaboration and interdisciplinary learning.

With a focus on student agency, students are free to showcase their strengths through a variety of methods, and a robust formative-summative feedback system helps students better understand class content and improve their skills. Finally, a flexible furniture system allows for endless configurations to suit any class activity, promoting collaboration and deepening understanding of complex topics.

Campus upgrade

After several years of planning and school community engagement involving thousands of
parents, educators and student voices, Singapore American School’s campus upgrade project is now in full swing and scheduled for completion in Fall 2026. Over the next few years, SAS will put in place support aimed at empowering educators to deliver high-quality experiences tailored to the individual needs of each student.

The project reimagines the role of classrooms and buildings in the learning journey: a flexible campus with international school facilities that will meet the needs of current and future students as education changes over time. There will be more space for learning, activities and new school programs, and modular spaces that enable teachers to adjust learning spaces according to student learning needs. Parents can also expect innovative systems that not only support learning well into the future but also promote energy efficiency, meeting Singapore’s Green Mark Platinum standard and the WELL standard.

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