ANZA Cyling members flew to Thailand last month for the Tour of Phuket 2023, a three-day stage road race held in the Phuket and Phang Nga provinces of Thailand.


On the first day, riders competed in a short and fast time trial over 4.5km at the Phuket Gateway. The fastest riders achieved average speeds close to 48kmph, and riders with clip-on bars enjoyed a distinct advantage as TT bikes were not allowed. ANZA Cycling made it through, but Wesley was interrupted by a random motorbike en route, costing him precious time. Despite this, the team had a couple of riders well positioned, with Tim in the 45+ and Morgan in 35+. Jock also secured a second place in 55+.


Day two was eventful with 151km of rolling terrain and one hill large enough to force a selection in the groups. All the age groups assembled on the start line, separated by motorcycle riders. The motorcycles held gaps of 200-400m between the groups, and at 10km pulled out, signalling the start of racing. The cheeky riders launched their attacks, attempting to secure a place in the faster pelotons up the road. In the end, the 45+, 55+ fell into one group, while a smaller group of 35+ latched onto the elite peloton, with Morgan in the mix. That initial move by Morgan secured him a solid fifth place in the 35+ at the end of the day.

“Day two was eventful with 151km of rolling terrain and one hill large enough to force a selection”

Meanwhile, there was drama in the larger 45/55 peloton. Not long into the race, some nervousness in the group resulted in Tim and Andrew colliding. Tim broke a rear spoke and damaged his rear mech but could ride on, while Andrew trashed his front wheel and was unable to continue. Wes’s bad luck from day one continued when he flatted not long after they started. Russ also flatted and had to pull out. However, those remaining in the 45/55 headed north at a strong pace. Tim, with his missing spoke, was in the mix over the KOM and was part of a 10-rider group that then proceeded to work well together all the way to the finish. At the end of day two, we had Morgan at fifth place on GC in the 35+, Tim at fifth place on GC in the 45+, and Jock at third on GC in the 55+.


On day three, the race organisers made some changes. The starting structure remained the same, but this time there were larger gaps between the groups, discouraging any attempts at bridging during the start. As the Elite and 35+ pelotons stayed separate, the riders were well-controlled, preventing any significant changes in the general classification. Jock cheered as he saw Morgs expertly protect his 5th position on GC. Unfortunately, Wes had gear issues yet again, thwarting his ride for the day.

“In the final 15km there were several attacks, but the group pulled into the last 2km together”

Despite the larger starting gaps, the 55 peloton managed to join the 45+ peloton at around 35km into the course. Jock was delighted to find himself in the regroup with Tim, Russell, David, and Flo, as they made their way towards the finish which was slightly uphill, narrow with multiple speed humps, and tested the riders’ skills. In the final 15km, there were several attacks, but the group pulled into the last winding 2km together. Everyone felt the adrenaline pumping as they sprinted towards the finish line, but it was Jay from Allied World Quantum Racing who emerged victorious, taking the win in the bunch sprint.

Despite the intense competition, everyone felt a sense of camaraderie with their fellow riders in a very well spirited event. We were all proud to see Tim retain his 5th position on GC for 45+, and Jock retained his 3rd GC for 55+.

A big thank you to Jock Hughson, Wesley Elder, Russell Vanderwater, Jesus Tosca, Robert Chambers, Morgan Sparrow, Matt Latham, Sam Jackson, Tim Hutchins, Gaétan Chaumette, Florent Dicharry Andrew Cherriman and David Cardile who took part. Post event beers made everyone look back on the weekend of tough racing with fondness and gratitude to everyone who made the trip to represent ANZA.

Love your look!

ANZA Cycling celebrated ANZA’s 75th anniversary by releasing a new kit on 8 March at The Working Class on Boat Quay. The club chose to create a kit that celebrates our heritage and connects back to classic ANZA colours and classic cycling style, while also adding more visibility features for road safety. The new design brings back a look from 2011/12, reviving the green, gold, and black colour scheme.

We extend a special thanks to our sponsors, Senoko Energy, Wilhelmsen Group, TVH Group, ButcherBox, Tanamera Coffee, BB Bike Studio Singapore, and Trouble Brewing Singapore. Their generous support made it possible for ANZA Cycling to create this unique and stylish kit.

As one of Singapore’s leading cycling clubs, ANZA Cycling is committed to promoting cycling as a fun, healthy, and eco-friendly mode of transportation. With our new kit, we not only celebrate ANZA’s 75th anniversary, but also reinforce our commitment to road safety and visibility while on the bike. We are sure our new kit will turn heads on the road!