Salt & Palm is the creation of dynamic brother-sister duo, Chef Natasha Soetantyo and Mark Soetantyo. After winning over Sydney with its fresh interpretations of Indonesian cuisine, the inaugural Singapore outlet opened in March to take guests on a journey that navigates modernity and tradition. Chef Soetantyo’s passion and willingness to explore new combinations without straying far from her deep-rooted Indonesian traditions is evident throughout the menu.

With a Coconut Mojito by our side, we begin with a trio of exquisite appetisers that set the tone for our culinary adventure. First came freshly shucked Amélie oysters complemented with tomato tamarind and basil kemangi pandan oil ($28). Next was the Potato Cake ($12), a playful interpretation of Indonesian perkedel, crowned with vegan mayo and seaweed-based caviar that was indistinguishable from the real thing. These tiny bombs of flavour were incredibly addictive and the table wanted an encore. Then we enjoyed Balinese-style Fish Cakes ($12) accompanied by a chicken skin tuille and a chilli lemongrass shallot salsa.
Our mains kicked off with the Prawn Bisque Pasta ($32), inspired by a North Sulawesi dish called woku. These succulent prawns are served in a briny broth highlighted by the star ingredient of Kemangi leaf. Our meal continued with the Porchetta ($32), Salt & Palm’s take on the Balinese babi guling. The meat is first marinated with the traditional and unique basa genap spice blend before being cooked Italian-style, giving it a Western twist. The Porchetta was a favourite at our table and my personal winner.

From left: Prawn Bisque Pasta. Fishcake

No Indonesian meal would be complete without rendang, and we were lucky to sample two exceptional versions. The first was the Mushroom Rendang ($20), a yummy rendition made with mushrooms and baby potatoes mixed in a slow-cooked rendang sauce and topped with toasted coconut flakes. The second, the Beef Short Ribs ($52), featured melt-in-your-mouth Australian beef ribs, slow-cooked in a savoury Indonesian-style rendang sauce and elegantly topped with toasted coconut flakes and coconut foam – every bite was packed with flavour. Both rendangs delivered the wow-factor, but as a meat eater, the ribs version edged only slightly over the non-meat rendang. Throughout the meal we tried organic and natural wines from a curated wine list that were a flawless match to our dishes.

From left: Beef short ribs. Porchetta

We wrapped up with two scrumptious desserts. The Pandan Coconut Crème Brûlée ($15) was egg and dairy-free, giving the French classic a modern Indonesian touch. The Pavlova ($18) is made with a plant-based meringue, crowned with plant-based mango and passionfruit cream, and embellished with mango, blueberry, grilled peach and coconut flakes.

Verdict: Salt & Palm offers amazing food and friendly, knowledgeable staff, all wrapped in a “Bali-esque” atmosphere. It’s ideal for date night or dinner with friends or simply for cocktails and a bite. Be warned: the drinks and nibbles here can easily turn a casual outing into a full-blown, satisfying meal. If you’re in the Joo Chiat area, put Salt & Palm at the top of your hitlist.

Salt & Palm
 467 Joo Chiat Rd, 427678