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There are many factors to consider when selecting a school for your child: boarding or day, the curriculum, community, fees, facilities and location. All of these can have an impact on the way pupils learn and their development. Therefore, it’s important to ensure schools provide the right environment and facilities to help support your child’s development and needs.

At Marlborough College Malaysia we understand the importance of holistic learning in every aspect of education, and we pride ourselves on the support offered to our pupils. Our aim is to develop not only academic excellence, but to provide opportunities for pupils to explore their talents and develop their own skill sets inside and outside of the classroom. We do this by offering a close and supportive environment that is enriched by a wealth of co-curricular experiences to enhance our pupils’ education.

External opportunities

Within the college curriculum, our dedicated activity sessions help to broaden pupils’ minds, allow them to explore new hobbies, and enable them to gain skills outside of the classroom. The wealth of activities range from eco-friendly, technically based Precious Plastics, to learning essential life skills in the Cooking Club or Ivy House leadership development programme.

We also provide many external opportunities to develop skills on activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, ski trips and sporting ventures throughout Asia. All of our activities see passion combined with skill and discovery to create curious and accomplished pupils. Exploring passions outside of the classroom allows us to cater to every individual interest and as activities change every term, creates a diverse range of interests that pupils can experience over the school year.

Curiosity & learning

This developmental attitude towards learning begins with our very youngest learners in Forest School, a morning every week when our pre prep pupils spend time amongst nature, learning about different animals, habitats and environments. Exploration, discovery and curiosity are values that we aim to instil in every one of our pupils from their first day at MCM, igniting a lifelong love for adventure, curiosity and learning.

“Pupils explore new hobbies and help them to gain skills outside of the classroom”

Helping Marlborough achieve this is our expansive 90-acre campus home to a full range of outstanding facilities for drama, music, art and a range of sports. The College has multiple rugby and football pitches, an all-weather astroturf, high performance sports centre, Olympic swimming pool, theatre and music studio. There’s also a lake for watersports and an organic farm which children of all ages help to run themselves while at the same time learning about ecology, chemistry and biology. By accessing Marlborough’s extensive facilities, our pupils develop into well-rounded individuals who have many interests and hobbies that they are able to take the lead in cultivating.

Marlborough College Malaysia
Jalan Marlborough, 79200 Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia