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We are heavily dependent on digital devices, whether for work or play. While technology has brought us many benefits, it’s important to be aware of the impact it can have on our physical and mental health. This is where digital wellness comes in. It’s about finding a healthy balance between using technology and spending time offline.

We reached out to our friends at Pacific Prime Singapore to shed some light on the importance of digital wellness in today’s world, and here’s what they had to say:

Understanding the concept of digital wellness

Digital wellness, also known as digital wellbeing, is about using technology in a way that supports our physical and mental health. Recently, digital wellness has gained popularity in the workplace as employers recognise the detrimental effects of excessive device use on their employees’ well being and, as a result, their productivity.

The growing importance of digital wellness in Singapore

With the widespread use of smartphones and increasing reliance on the internet, digital wellness is becoming increasingly important in Singapore. Spending too much time on digital devices can lead to a number of health problems, such as eye strain, neck and back pain, poor sleep and anxiety. It can also have wider social and economic implications, such as reduced productivity and increased healthcare costs.

To practice digital wellness in Singapore, it’s important to set clear guidelines for technology use, take regular breaks and create a healthy digital environment. By being mindful of the impact of technology on our lives and seeking support when needed, we can ensure that technology enhances our lives for the better. Here are some ways to take a break from the digital world:

  • Take the occasional break to step away from your desk and stretch
  • Limit your use of digital tools at work
  • Meet people face-to-face whenever possible
  • Limit digital conversations

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