1. There’s strength in numbers

    This year ANZA Netball entered our first team in the SCC Ladies League. Our U16/17 players were thrilled to join the ladies league and played midweek matches in the evening next to the Padang. The ANZA team finished undefeated in the first round and were promoted to Division 2.

  2. Giving back is rewarding

    There’s a small army of volunteers working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly, and they’re always smiling like Karen and Sally below.

  3. Bakesales rule!

    Each ANZA Perth team held a bake sale to help these lucky girls on their way to Australia. Getting involved promoted team spirit, club culture, and the joy of fundraising. The picture on the left (above) shows our Under 12 cohort.

  4. Fitness comes first

    Netball is a great way to keep fit, especially for older girls who may need a break from studies! This is the U16 Perth team playing against Sports Ready.

  5. Community is everything

    ANZA Netball is led by parent volunteers with a mix of professional and parent coaches. It simply could not happen without their combined efforts and constant dedication throughout the season, year on year.

  6. Great skills require dedication & effort

    In preparation for Perth, the U12 teams went on a mission to increase their fitness. The players were invited to turn up early before netball training and they did! Our amazing volunteer coaches ensured they received a proper workout.

  7. It’s not all hard work

    An U12 team enjoy a bbq and swim after sweating it out on the court (above). Lots of fun for everyone!

  8. Staying cool is key

    This U11 team (below) planned ahead and engaged in a water fight with their coaches after a tough match in the Sports Ready Round Robin Tournament on a hot day. We don’t blame them!

  9. Never give up

    As the U14 SGNA Quad Series Champions, our U14 Perth team put in a fabulous effort and remained undefeated after playing a gruelling day in the heat.

  10. You’re never too young for a challenge

    Our youngest players have fun at training, working on a range of skills to help them with fitness, ball skills and agility. They also take on challenges and play games to keep it upbeat. Many friendships formed in these early days of netball have endured throughout the years.

  11. Cake is always a good idea!

    Need energy before a match? Want to console yourself for not playing as well as you’d hoped? Pah! Netball cupcakes, like the ones pictured above, right, from the bakesale work for every occassion!

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