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At Blue House Preschool, we offer half day, full-day care as well as an innovative, enriching early years’ experience. A place for your child to explore their curiosity and creativity whilst working alongside qualified educators.

Nature is a holistic “educator” and provides a space that children naturally ground themselves in, feeding their natural curiosity and allowing them to then bring their learning back into the classroom. All of this is right at our doorstep at Blue House Kay Siang which boasts private access to a space we call our Community Park.

Physical development benefits to learning outdoors

A child who learns in nature will build a healthier stronger body and immunity. They will also benefit from unassisted motor development by learning how to balance, make judgements about how to climb a tree safely and over time, develop a natural risk awareness that children who are overly protected from nature will never gain. They learn how to keep themselves and their friends safe.

Calming effects of being in nature

Nature grounds and calms a child, which fosters a growth mindset. They are free to explore and discover what interests them meaning a far richer learning experience. They become Nature-Connected and guardians of the natural environment that is their “third teacher”. Blue House offers a safe space to self-regulate, and by being exposed to age-appropriate risky play scenarios, the child gains in confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Integrated learning within nature

A dramatic/role play in a natural space can develop child’s vocabulary beyond that of simply learning in a classroom and can also promote richer numeracy, science, geography, arts and crafting skills when they learn in an experiential holistic way at the child’s own pace. An unhurried integrated learning approach set within the great outdoors at different times of the day at Blue House.

Personal/Social Development

Exploring and discovering in nature as a group, or individually encourages a child to learn how to engage and interact with others in a safe real-world setting. They often become more aware of others’ feelings, becoming kinder, more compassionate.

Sensory Development

There is no better environment than nature within which to develop the 7 senses and to safely travel through the essential schematic development needed in early years. Often, children with identified sensory challenges can level out significantly faster through outdoor nature play sessions and their strengths. The natural world is fully inclusive and beckons us to meander through its wonderful lushness, here at Blue House.

Register here for open house on 9 September 2023: https://openhouse.bluehouseinternational.com/kaysiang

Open House attendees enjoy a waiver on the registration fee when they enroll within the month of September.

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