Scouts: Christopher “Toph” Brown

Background: My daughter was a member of ANZA Scouts troop when two of the three founding leaders left Singapore ten years ago. It was a natural step to come forward and assist.
Why you love it: The immediate feedback from the kids – you see straight away if they’re challenged and enjoying themselves.
Favourite memory: Hiking with our older Venturers Scouts in the Endau Rompin National Park in Malaysia, taking a cool dip in a waterfall and coming across elephant tracks.
The best part: Being a group leader is a great way to contribute to our community and model inclusivity. Seeing what all of the ANZA groups are up to is a constant inspiration.

Social Tennis: Louise White

Background: I’ve been playing social tennis with ANZA since 2015 and coordinating the group on and off during this time. We’re fortunate to have players willing to take the lead when required.
What got you here: I joined Social Tennis as a way to meet people with a common interest for a weekly hit. The group fast became more than that, with lots of laughter and support both on and off the court. As a group we like to say “We are not playing for sheep stations” which reminds us to keep the game friendly!
Why you love it: The sense of belonging when you live overseas is important. The expat life should not be a lonely experience; long term, short term, whatever your gig, I’m always open for a chat.

Soccer: Cara D’Avanzo

Background: My three boys were all on ANZA Soccer teams. I started volunteering around 12 years ago, first as Age Group Coordinator and then as Communications Coordinator in 2014.
What you love: Seeing the kids having a ball on the pitches and making friends with other committed Soccer parents through the committee.
Favourite memory: Taking my middle son Aran’s comp team to SEA Cup 2015 in Bangkok and coaching them to their age group’s inaugural gold medal. It’s been wonderful to witness my boys learning valuable lessons on and off the pitch through their ANZA Soccer experiences.

Cycling: Melanie Speet

Background: I love helping to build communities. ANZA Cycling is a welcoming and non-judgmental group and I wanted to give back to that community.
Why you love it: The amazing people, whether it’s the other volunteers, or the community we serve. As an expat, it’s nice to meet great people and forge deeper connections in this country that we call home.
Favourite memory: Finding a group of women with similar mindsets who have become great friends.

Netball: Georgina Yeoh

Background: I’ve been an age group leader at ANZA Netball since 2015. My daughter and her friends enjoyed netball and I got involved because I could see how much hard work went into making each week and season successful.
Favourite memories: The big events we’ve hosted such as the ANZA Carnival and Accelerator Tournament, as well as the annual trip to Perth. I also love Presentation Day where the contribution of all the players and volunteers is acknowledged each year.
What ANZA means to you: It connects me to a community that I may not have otherwise been a part of.

Singapore Nippers: David Howard

What got you here: I signed my daughter Maya up for ANZA Nippers in 2017. She loved it, and as I’m an ex-lifesaver, I was drawn in to helping out.
Why you love it: Surf lifesaving has always been about providing a service for the community. It means educating our young ones with the skills to enjoy the ocean and one day to potentially save a life, including their own if need be.
What ANZA means to you: Sunday mornings beachside, what could be better? (Apart from a bit of surf at Sentosa!).

9 Hole Golf: Sarah Crane

Background: I’ve had the honour of looking after ANZA 9 Hole Golf since 2019, with the help of Rose, Mel, Pip, Carm, Ali and many others.
Why you love it: Being bit of a golf nutter, this suits me well! I enjoy encouraging new golfers and keeping more experienced players in the game.
Favourite memories: I’m proud of securing weekly tee times at Mandai for all our members during Covid. Week in, week out we played, distancing and adapting to the rules, but at least we saw each other.
The best part: I have just loved being in this wonderful group and helping us grow.

Writing Group: Julie Kenny

What got you here: I was a ride captain at ANZA Cycling for many years. I’ve just started hosting the ANZA Writing Group, but they are both activities I enjoy, and doing them with like-minded people is even better.
Why you love it: Volunteering can be extremely rewarding. Having lived in Singapore for over 25 years, I’ve been so fortunate to have met many people.
What ANZA means to you: Volunteer organisations only stay operational when those who benefit from the club take on the mantle of responsibility. Being a group leader means I get to pay forward the support I’ve received.