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Canadian International School (CIS) is opening its doors to families with children aged 2 to 5 to CIS Discovery Day on 10 November where you and your child can explore their Kindergarten programme. Experience fun, teacher-led activities and see firsthand how CIS’ play and inquiry-based approach fosters curiosity, builds confidence and develops essential learning skills for your little ones.

A solid foundation for academic success

Parents often ask how a school plans to balance both academic rigour and developing softer skills and competencies at an early age. CIS’ inquiry-based and purposeful play approach sets that solid foundation for academic success beyond school life. Your child will be challenged, think critically and be confident and resilient.

“Purposeful play offers endless opportunities for learning and development. It helps children develop an infinite number of skills and character traits through teamwork and collaboration. As they explore their imagination and creative ideas during play, children will develop fine and gross motor skills while nurturing their sense of curiosity,” — Angela Speirs.

Your Guide to CIS Discovery Day

Begin your day with a warm Canadian welcome to CIS and meet kindergarten principal, Angela Speirs, and her team of experienced educators. Chat with them to find out more about CIS’ ethos, their approach to education and have your specific questions answered.

Make your way to the Outdoor Discovery Centre (ODC), where families can participate in educational activity stations focusing on numeracy, literacy, arts, and STEAM, all under the guidance of their expert teachers. These activities offer hands-on experiences to stimulate your child’s creativity, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s a wonderful chance to gain insight into CIS’ inquiry-based learning that takes place both inside and outside the classroom every day.

Some of the activities include:

  • Enchanting Art Creations: Your child can craft enchanting flowers, dragons, fairies, or anything their imagination conjures using sustainable student-made watercolours sheets. This teaches children about colour mixing, the distinction between 2D and 3D modelling, and hones their fine motor skills through the squeezing of droppers and the twisting of paper.
  • STEAM Exploration with Ice Painting: Dive into the world of STEAM where you’ll have the chance to experiment with ice painting. Children will explore colour mixing, look for patterns, and feel the textures of slippery, cold, and wet surfaces. As they delve into the science, they’ll uncover the magic of cause and effect, observing the transformation of ice from a solid to a liquid state.

Learning takes place everywhere

Learning happens best when children are having fun and making discoveries for themselves about things that interest them, in a hands-on, real-world way. The ODC offers children a natural, lucious, green space to explore and learn. There are sound and art gardens, an eco-pond, and a mud kitchen where children can learn maths concepts like mass and volume. There are also grassy hills, tunnels, a play fort, and a yoga lawn for your little explorers to develop motor skills as they run, jump and climb.

A campus within a campus

At CIS, Kindergarten has a dedicated wing that fosters a close-knit kindergarten community within our larger campus, where everyone knows everyone. Spaces in this purpose-built kindergarten wing integrate facilities with learning. Classrooms are organised by grade levels, with the ODC just a stone’s throw away, a heated indoor pool is conveniently located next to it, and they also have a library, instructional bakery, junior gym and black box theatre that’s all housed under one roof.

Come and explore the CIS Kindergarten and meet their expert teachers in their living, breathing classroom — the ODC on 10 November, 9am-10am. Book now.