Looking for a tapestry corset, patchwork jeans, or reworked handbag? After running a successful online secondhand clothing store, Eileen Tan and Eden Tay, both 30, opened Vintagewknd on Haji Lane earlier this year. The store is a hotbed of unisex vintage fashion, repurposed textiles, and cool fabrics repurposed from garment waste factories in developing countries. The brand’s purpose is to “give back to the planet more than what we take away from it.” To date, they’ve sold over 100,000 items which accumulates to about 50 tonnes. Says Eden, “We’re looking to have more people know about us and to remove as many tonnes as possible.” 

41 Haji Lane, 189209

Everyday Vegan Grocer

When Covid 19 hit, it opened founder Amanda Teng’s eyes to the fresh demand across Singapore for legit vegan groceries. While many would be put off from expanding a business during a pandemic, Amanda wasn’t deterred. After a stint selling vegan goods online, she opened Everyday Vegan Grocer on Haji Lane last summer. This sweet little store sells the likes of Beyond Meat, Gardein, Quorn, Oatly and Mikoyo’s Creamery, as well as Aussie favourites such as Fine Cultures, Dilectio, House of Biskota and Kresho as part of the selection of plant-based products, meat alternatives, dairy-free substitutes, pantry staples and snacks. “We’re more than just a vegan shop, we’re a vibrant community dedicated to promoting compassionate living,” she says.

43 Haji Lane, 189236

Mr Lim’s Shop of Visual Treasures

Towards the bottom of Haji Lane, opposite the 7-Eleven, is a veritable enclave of delights. Mr Lim’s Shop Of Visual Treasures belongs to (yes, you guessed it) Mr Lim. After a cancer diagnosis in 2021, rounds of chemo caused him to rethink his life. As an artist and art lover himself, he opened his shop of treasures as a place to ‘air’ his work, but most of all, to support and represent promising but less-advantaged artists of all ages. “When I started meeting local artists, I found that many of them would just give up after a few years as the art scene here in Singapore is very difficult,” Mr Lim says. He constantly adds new and unique pieces to his collection which is all available to buy. The hope is that in time, there’ll be less art from Mr Lim and more from new graduates, up and coming artists, and veteran artists who just need a venue to show off their talent.

8 Haji Lane, #02 – 01,189201

Coffee Donkee

The brainchild of three local friends, Coffee Donkee is a cosy coffee shop serving brews made from freshly imported Japanese beans. The menu includes the usual suspects and signature brews such as the Sakura blend and their in-house Donkee blend which uses five different types of bean. Like the drinks, the decor has a distinctly Japanese feel with wooden walls and an open concept coffee counter which allows you to witness the beans brewing and dripping. We love the hidden area at the back of the café decorated like a tiny zen garden complete with Japanese umbrellas – the perfect place to escape the heat, hustle and bustle. Look out for their second store opening on Joo Chiat Road in September.

51 Haji Lane, 189244

French American Bakery

This blink-and-you-might-miss-it halal bakery was opened by pastry chef Aishah and her husband in 2021. Sleek and subtle from the outside, it’s the selection of mouthwatering croissants, pastries, fluffy bread, buns and more waving at you from the window that grab your attention. Sweet-toothed types will like the flaky vanilla bean crème brûlée, madeleines and generously portioned carrot cake. The French American Bakery is takeaway only, which is fine by us as you need to keep your energy levels up when strolling around Haji Lane these days. 

49 Haji Lane, 189242

3 Of Cups

Another pandemic baby, tarot-themed cocktail bar 3 Of Cups was founded by ex-air stewardess and mystic-fan Shamini Ishwara Dass. Opulent and charming, you find yourself under a spell in this unique spot from the get-go. There are two ways to get your drink: order off the menu or pick a random tarot card to let fate decide your potion. The 40-seater bar also serves Asian-inspired bites including Evil Spam and Empress Prawns. From 7.30pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays you can order three drinks and get a free tarot reading. Magical! 

53 Haji Lane, 189246 

The Nail Artelier

This art-centric nail studio has had a presence in Haji Lane for a while thanks to its focus on providing stunning nail art and a huge amount of colours. Unlike other nail salons, you can get your classic mani and pedi, or book in for a bespoke design where the nail artists work to create something totally individual just for you. What’s new is that the past few years have seen this salon move to a new location in the neighbourhood. Keep your eyes peeled for the sign on the ground floor and climb the shophouse stairs for this little slice of sanctuary. 

  76A Haji Lane, 189269