½ Mortadella ½ Broccollini Pizza

At La Bottega Enoteca, pizza is not just a dish, but an art form. Chef-Owner Antonio Miscellaneo, the maestro behind the famed Newpolitan and Doublecrunch pizzas, has unveiled an exciting new menu that promises to excite, intrigue, and leave you craving for more. With a commitment to using the finest and freshest ingredients, prepared according to traditional Italian recipes, each pizza is a masterpiece that tells a story of passion and craftsmanship.

La Bottega Enoteca’s recognition as the only pizzeria in Singapore to make the prestigious 50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific list also crowns it as the undisputed number-one pizzeria on the red dot. With this in mind, we loosened our belts and prepared to be transported straight to the heart of Italy via a slice of the good stuff.  

We started with the Arrosticini, a true taste of Abruzzo with succulent lamb skewers, grilled to perfection ($7 each). For seafood aficionados, the Calamaretti Alla Griglia is a must-try, featuring tender grilled baby calamari accompanied by the vibrant flavours of pea, mint, and citrus zest, which made for a refreshing and delightful combination ($25).

If you’re in the mood for a true Italian classic, La Focaccia Di Recco Classica hits the spot. This handmade focaccia boasts a creamy homemade mozzarella fondant folded into its layers, creating a sumptuous treat that’s perfect for sharing ($52).

Mix & Match

Now, let’s talk pizza – the soul of La Bottega Enoteca. Their signatures are a marvel. Fermented for 72 hours and cooked at a scorching 460 degrees Celsius, they each deliver a uniquely flaky and chewy crust that forms the canvas for an array of delectable toppings. For lovers of good ol’ greens, try the Broccolini, featuring san marzano, broccolini, taleggio, lemon breadcrumbs, oregano, and chilli. Alternatively, savour the Mortadella pizza with parmesan fondue, mortadella, red pesto, pistachios, and sweet potato chips. The best bit? You can mix and match with half-and-half options.

Left: Caciucco Right: Pluma Alla Griglia

For pasta fans, indulge in the Pappardella Al Ragú D’ Anatra, a homemade pappardelle dish with tender goose, parmigiano Reggiano aged for 24 months, and a hint of orange zest ($34).

If you’re craving something from the grill, Pluma Alla Griglia, featuring grilled Spanish pluma iberica adorned with Sicilian capers and red capsicum ($58) is your go-to. Meanwhile, we recommend that seafood enthusiasts opt for the Caciucco E Fregola, a flavourful medley of monkfish, gambero rosso, Japanese scallops, Australian mussels, and squid ($68).

Of course, we had to end our meal on a sweet note with Sfogliatella Riccia E Gelato Al Parmigiano 24 Mesi, a unique combination of parmigiano reggiano gelato and handmade Neapolitan “Sfogliatella Riccia” ($16). This was accompanied by the satisfying Sardinian delicacy Seadas, a fried raviolo with cow’s cheese and honey ($14). Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly manage anymore without the risk of rolling home, we could not resist the I Bombolini “Fai Da Te”, a DIY delight of fluffy daily baked doughnuts presented with our very own mini piping bag of lusciously creamy mascarpone filling. Doing so means the diner can decide just how big – or how small – they want to go ($18).

Verdict: La Bottega Enoteca promises pizza with passion that will linger in your memory long after your meal. Buon appetito! 

La Bottega Enoteca
 346 Joo Chiat Rd, 427596