Pickleball is taking the world by storm!

Played on a court with players of two or four, it’s fast moving, heaps of fun, and will get your fitness levels up! It might just be your new sporting obsession.

The ANZA Social Pickleball group meets up on various days and times, at centrally located courts for a fun hit in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. All levels of players are welcome.

You need to be an ANZA Member to play, and then you just need a Pickleball paddle, What to bring: towel, plenty of water, appropriate sporting attire, court shoes are recommended, otherwise minimally running shoes.

To join the Social Pickleball group register HERE and you will receive a link to join the WhatsApp group to book into the weekly sessions.

Pickleball Clinics

The ANZA Pickleball Clinics are a 4-week programme designed for newcomers to the game wanting to learn the basic skills of pickleball.

Our specialist coaches from the Pickleball Academy Singapore have all played pickleball competitively and want to spread their passion for this fast paced and unique sport. The emphasis is to have fun and improve your game.

To register your interest for the next ANZA Pickleball Clinic email: info@anza.org.sg

Registration to ANZA Pickleball is only available to ANZA members. Click here to Join ANZA!