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As the prevalence of online meetings and video calls becomes the norm in professional communication, and social media platforms continue to surge, individuals are increasingly striving to present a fresh and vibrant image. A common lamentation is about appearing fatigued, with concerns ranging from a heavy forehead and tired eyes to premature lines and pronounced jowls. These concerns are shared by both men and women, typically surfacing in their late 30s or early 40s as signs of aging become noticeable.

Dr. Marco, a renowned expert in the field of cosmetic surgery, has observed a substantial uptick in clients seeking facial rejuvenation to achieve a refreshed, and younger, look. Many clients seek these interventions to address the signs of onset aging.

Today there are various facial rejuvenation techniques, such as the use of botulism toxin which smoothens facial and neck lines, offering a particularly effective solution for individuals with strong expression lines, heavy eyelids, or robust lower jaw muscles. The result is a rejuvenated and bright-eyed appearance.

Fillers or autologous fat transplantation serve as effective methods for replenishing deflated areas and enhancing facial features like cheekbones, smile lines, and lips. Additionally, a range of machinery and laser skin resurfacing treatments target textural irregularities, blemishes, and pigmentation, while also contributing to firming and tightening the skin.

Minimally invasive surgery

In the realm of facial rejuvenation, a growing trend is the resurgence of surgical procedures for instantaneous, enduring results with minimal downtime. Dr. Marco recommends Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), particularly the Endoscopy Brow Lift or Upper Facelift. This cosmetic surgery addresses the impacts of aging, correcting drooping brows and upper eyelids to refine brow lines and smoothen the forehead. Employing keyhole endoscopy ensures almost imperceptible scarring, with a mere two hour surgery time and a swift recovery period of five to seven days.

The latest innovation in facelift surgery, dubbed the “Ponytail Facelift” or “Bunny Lift,” focuses on a more youthful cheek lift and taut jawline. With a smaller incision hidden in the hair-bearing area, the resulting scar is virtually invisible. Ideal for those displaying early signs of aging without excess skin in the lower face and neck, this procedure takes approximately three hours, with a minimal one-week recovery period. Dr. Marco also suggests that fat grafting can be seamlessly incorporated during the same surgery.
Dr. Marco emphasises the importance of customisation in facial rejuvenation, tailoring procedures to individual needs. Whether it’s lifting one cheek more vertically, adding more fat graft to specific areas, or concealing scars due to unique anatomical features, he underscores the necessity of selecting an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon for these personalised interventions.

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