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Chaos by Laura Lomas. Presented by Impact Collective. Image by Crispian Chan

Conundrum Theatre is a boutique youth theatre company for young people to discover their passion for performance and to find their place in a community that values uniqueness. Located on Singapore’s East Coast, our mission is to cultivate the holistic development of children and young people through the magic of drama. We offer inclusive drama classes for children and middle-schoolers, while also embarking on large-scale, ambitious theatre projects for young people and emerging artists.

Founded in 2020 by New Zealand/Australian Theatre Director and Actor, Claire Glenn, Conundrum Theatre is more than just a theatre company – it’s a haven for children and young people to explore their imagination, discover their passions, and engage in life-changing projects. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to embracing individuality and diversity.

The Evolution Revolution by Kimberly Sim. Presented by Performance Ensemble. Image by Crispian Chan


Before Claire’s journey to Singapore, she served as the Artistic Director of the South Australian Youth Arts Company (Adelaide), Creative Producer for Carclew (Adelaide), and the Director of the Fairfax Youth Initiative (Regional Victoria). With two decades of experience in the theatre industry spanning New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Singapore, Claire has dedicated the past 15 years to working with youths. Her portfolio includes large-scale projects for international festivals, and collaborations with at-risk youth. Claire is an advocate for youth arts and is committed to creating positive change in the lives of young people.

“At Conundrum, young people not only hone their acting skills but also find a place to belong”

Conundrum Theatre envisions going beyond traditional theatrical education. Classes and projects are meticulously designed to foster artistic skills, cultivate a sense of belonging, and boost self-confidence in every participant. We connect young people with professional theatre practices and artists both locally and internationally, all within a supportive and rigorous youth drama framework.

We believe that children learn best by doing. Our workshops and theatre projects empower participants to develop performance and theatre-making skills while giving them the freedom to be creative, express their views, learn about the world and themselves, forge lasting friendships, and create original pieces of theatre.

Conundrum’s workshops cover performance and theatre-making methodologies, including stagecraft, character development, script analysis, devising, storytelling, audition preparation, writing, physicality, puppetry, clowning, and exploration of global issues. We encourage play, experimentation, trust-building, risk-taking, and the creation of tangible outcomes in the form of original theatre productions.

Games at Pure Play! Image by Claire Glenn

Focused attention

At Conundrum, young people not only hone their acting skills but also find a place to belong, develop self-confidence, build resilience, acquire social awareness, learn to collaborate and work as an ensemble, nurture empathy and respect for others, develop trust, and have loads of fun!

Our classes begin with dynamic introductions to theatre through Pure Play and Musical Play (5 – 8 year-olds) before progressing to Play Up (9 – 11 year-olds). Impact Collective (12 – 15 year-olds) is where middle-schoolers delve deeper into performance processes, styles, and methods, culminating in one main stage play each year.

The Performance Ensemble (14 -18 year-olds) is Conundrum’s flagship performing group. In this group, young artists create the work they’re passionate about. Throughout the year, the ensemble explore improvisation, scene work, devising, character development, writing, movement, vocal work, monologues, and more, leading to the presentation of ambitious theatre productions. The Performance Ensemble has previously presented captivating works such as “The Aftertime” by Ben Brooker, “I Still Have No Friends” by Alby T. Grace, and “The Evolution Revolution” by Kimberly Sim. We’ve also toured in Australia and another tour is scheduled for Scotland this August.

Many of our alumni have gone on to work as professional actors in film and TV, attend drama schools, create their own shows, or become drama teachers.

Conundrum Theatre keeps its community small to ensure that every student receives focused attention. At Conundrum, we’re like a family, providing a strong foundation to not only create professional-level theatre productions, but also to support, nurture, and encourage every student in a safe and supportive environment. Join us on this extraordinary journey!

Musical Play: 5pm – 6:30pm, Fridays
Pure Play: 10am – 11:30am, Saturdays
Play Up: 12pm – 1:30pm, Saturdays
Impact: 2pm – 4pm, Saturdays
Performance Ensemble: 5pm – 7:30pm, Wednesdays

Conundrum Theatre
The Yards 406 Joo Chiat Place, #03-23, 428084