Who: Camp Asia

What they do: We focus on providing exciting, memorable holiday camps for your child, and convenience and peace of mind for you. As well as being the best fun that kids can have during their time off school, our camps and weekly programmes also support them in thriving, developing new interests, and learning new skills. Professionally managed by experienced, trained teachers, teaching assistants and subject specialists, all activities at Camp Asia are age-appropriate. Taking place at Cognita group schools, they come with an inherently safe environment and a range of superb facilities.
What kids learn: With the widest selection of holiday camps available – including sports, creative, tech-savvy camps and weekly timetables for multi-activity camps – Camp Asia is the perfect place for children to try something new. Each camp is designed to cater to the individual’s needs, and we offer a mixture of outdoor and indoor activities, such as academic camps to aid learning. There are also excursions where kids visit urban agriculture farms, and more.

Who: TFL Training Consultants Pte Ltd

What THEY do: Tennis coaching, swim coaching, and holiday camps.
What kids learn: TFL specialises in conducting a wide range of tennis and swimming programmes across all ages and levels in both private and group settings as well as holiday camps. Our Mini Tennis programmes are designed to focus on core skills and movements, with a simple instruction to the game. Meanwhile, Learn to Swim programmes are curated to develop water confidence, learn new skills, improve stamina, and most importantly to have fun. We aim to instil a love for sports at a young age by making learning effective yet enjoyable.

Who: Conundrum Theatre

What THEY do: We provide unique, nurturing, and inclusive drama classes, workshops, and life changing projects for children and young people aged between 5 – 25 years old. Based on Singapore’s East Coast, we also present new theatre productions with our teenage ensemble and tour those productions overseas.
What kids learn: Workshops develop all aspects of performance and theatre-making craft including, but not limited to, stagecraft, character development, script analysis, devising, storytelling, audition preparation, writing, physicality and exploring world issues. We play, experiment, build trust, take risks, and create tangible outcomes in the form of original theatre productions. Young people learn how to become better actors, while finding their place to belong, develop self-confidence, build resilience, acquire social awareness, learn how to collaborate and work as an ensemble, cultivate empathy and respect for others, increase trust, and have lots of fun while doing so.

Who: Tanglin Arts Studio

What THEY do: Dance classes for children between 18 months – 18 years.
What kids learn: Our dance classes aren’t just about learning dance moves, they’re about building a foundation of essential life skills. From physical coordination and flexibility to strength and rhythm, students gain so much more than just dance techniques: creativity, self-expression, self-confidence, teamwork, and forming lasting friendships are also huge benefits. As they sharpen their musicality and develop their auditory skills, they become more in tune with the world of music and dance, learn how to express their feelings and emotions through movement, and foster a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

WHO: Pineapple MMA

What THEY do: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) & Muay Thai with World Champions.
What kids learn: Kids’ BJJ and Muay Thai can empower your child with resilience, discipline, and physical fitness through martial arts training. Our world champion instructor team make every class engaging and fun, ensuring that children enjoy the session while learning valuable life skills. Martial arts teaches them how to solve problems creatively, overcome challenges, and develop emotional intelligence.