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During those all-important secondary school years, students require access to strong resources and guidance to succeed in the journey to university. An essential part of every academic team, university advisors take a hands-on approach in shaping students’ futures through their active guidance and support.

At CIS, there is a dedicated team of university advisors consisting of Dr Aaron Mayo, Alex Ross, Christopher Joslin, and Rachel Duce. Doing more than finding students their best fit university, these advisors are all about helping students, families, and the broader school community understand the university admissions and application processes. They guide students to make an informed decision about their lives after graduation.

The role of a university advisor at CIS

Every day is dynamic for university advisors as they check in with one another and meet students. Guiding students from grades 10 through 12, the advisors start preparing students for their university admissions early, whether it’s running a grade 12 workshop on ‘How to apply to Australia’, or working with a younger grade 10 student on how to select their IB subjects to fit their career aspirations or strengths and interests.

Advisors also involve parents by meeting them one-on-one to discuss their children’s options. Beyond campus walls, the advisors actively forge global connections with university admissions departments around the world to maintain ongoing positive relationships and stay informed of any key updates on university admissions.

In the midst of the peak application season, university advisors allocate a substantial portion of their time to reviewing and offering feedback on students’ personal statements, college essays, or letters of motivation. On top of that, they dedicate time to crafting counsellor recommendation letters and assembling the necessary supporting school documents for submission with students’ university applications.

At this pivotal stage in secondary students’ lives, university advisors have the opportunity to facilitate positive and lasting change, as they offer support and guidance throughout the students’ journey, helping them in deciding on their next chapter.

Opening doors to universities across the globe

With the help of our university advisory team, CIS students have gone far in their post-secondary learning journeys. Since 2011, we’ve witnessed our students receiving acceptance into over 470 different universities globally spanning a wide range of majors and specialisations from prestigious universities such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Melbourne, University of Toronto, University of California Berkeley,  The University of British Columbia and more.

“My advisor has encouraged me to look for universities that are not only academically reputable but also have an environment compatible with my hobbies, interests, and the type of person I am outside of class. I have received conditional offers to King’s College, IE University, and Tilburg University to study Economics.” — Grade 12 student, Lucas O.

Register now to meet our CIS university advisors along with other experts such as the student support and well-being (SWELL) team, DP and MYP coordinators and extra-curricular activities coordinators at the upcoming Meet the Team Fair on 8 March.

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