For the uninitiated, away from a cricket match, cricket NETs are a staple of practice sessions and give batters and bowlers the chance to brush up on their technique. ANZA Cricket got together for NETs just about every week throughout 2023, with a steady 10 – 15 players turning up to participate. Unlike in Australia, where NETs are an essential part of team selection and training, in Singapore we take on a more social attitude: everyone is welcome to come down.

If you haven’t rolled your arm over for many years, ANZA Cricket is the right place to go. There’s no judgement and friendly batsmen and bowlers await. NETs is a great way to get back into the game and allows you to leave the stress of Singapore life behind for a few hours. With cricket NETs installed, players don’t need to have another person around to fetch the ball for them during a practice session, so it’s the ideal scenario in which to concentrate on practicing your style without spending time running around a pitch (or accidentally hitting spectators or nearby windows).

Regular NETs practice is great for building team spirit, and after a session the ANZA Cricket lads usually get sidetracked by a few cool-down beers, so there is a big social element to “training” the elbow.

Currently, NETs is held from 7 – 8pm every Wednesday at The Cage Sports Park, Kallang. And as their nets are under-cover, it’s always on!  ANZA Cricket has a WhatsApp group where we tally up who can make it each week so we book the correct number of lanes. To find out more about ANZA Cricket go to 

NETs stuff to know

NETs kick off each Wednesday at The Cage Sports Park, Kallang from 7pm. We assemble 5-10 people through our WhatsApp chat to roll the arm over. It’s not a problem if you don’t want to play games, don’t have equipment, and/or just want to do NETs. They are social NETs and everyone is welcome.

SCC Youth Development

As yet, ANZA doesn’t run a junior team, but Singapore Cricket Club offers a youth development programme for kids aged 5 – 10. With a variety of sessions running weekends and mid-week, the Cubs Cricket environment is “all about fun and enjoyment through our brilliant game.” To find out more contact David Bennett at