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When it comes to our homes, we adore mixing and matching materials, fabrics, and colours – this is what sets Originals apart. Our interior collections are carefully curated from around the world to blend diverse home decor pieces seamlessly. Modern design trends reveal that not everything has to be matchy-matchy. Embracing patterns, textures, and varied materials can elevate your space and provide a unique and personal touch. The key is to lean more towards high style than hot mess.

  1. Begin with neutrals
    Start with neutrals as your canvas. They’re perfect for layering textures and patterns without overwhelming the space. Think neutral hues for major elements like walls, furniture, and floors. It’s your base to build upon.
  2. Blend materials
    Combine soft textures like cotton or velvet with rougher ones like linen or wicker. This adds depth to your design. The combination of wood and travertine is also on trend now.
  3. Old & new
    Blend contemporary designs with antique pieces for a unique contrast. Play with antique proportions to bring a sense of grandeur into a small contemporary space. Start with a stately vintage focal point like a stripped-down dining table, and complement with modern accent pieces.
  4. Nail the colours
    Choose colours that mesh with your room’s vibe. One bold shade with a few secondary ones ties everything together. Coordinating patterns and textures with a coherent colour scheme also avoids overwhelming the space.
  5. Accentuate
    Add texture and pattern subtly. Think throw pillows, rugs, curtains – easy elements until you find your perfect mix.
  6. Embrace nature
    Balance textures with natural elements like plants, wood, or stone. They bring harmony and serenity, making your space inviting.
  7. Create a focal point
    A centerpiece ties everything together. Standout furniture, striking artwork, or a feature wall draws the eye and unifies textures and patterns.

Mixing textures and patterns can seem daunting, but it’s a game-changer for your home. Start neutral, mix materials, play with patterns, focus on colours, and have fun with accent pieces. Dare to be different! Experiment until your home feels just right.

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