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Bringing to you only the best for both parents and children is a wonderful selection of holiday camps by Singapore’s best and biggest holiday camp provider of 12 years (that’s one zodiac cycle!). Check out what’s in store this April holidays during Easter for kids aged 3 to 16 here.

Multi-Activity (ages 3 through 8)

Let your child explore a world of fun and adventure at our Multi-Activity camp! Designed for children ages 3 through 8, this camp offers a diverse range of activities that will engage both their bodies and minds with different themes every week! Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, your child will have the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of activities, from sports and games to arts and crafts. 

Multi-Xperience (ages 5 through 12)

A fun packed day full of different activities from arts & crafts, sports and performing arts! With a variety of thrilling challenges, your kids will have the chance to try their hands at STEM, Cooking, Sports, Art and even Adventurous activities! Our coaches are experienced in their respective fields and dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all campers.

Passion for Art (ages 6 through 8)

Nurture your child’s creativity and unleash their inner artist at our Passion for Art camp! This camp is a haven for young, budding artists. Under the guidance of our expert art coaches, your child will dive into a world of colours, shapes, and textures. Through various art techniques and mediums, they will learn to express their emotions and ideas, and develop their own unique artistic style.

Drama Academy (ages 4 through 5)

Lights, camera, action! Introduce your little star to the captivating world of drama at our Drama Academy camp. From acting out their favourite stories to creating their own unique characters, your child will have the opportunity to shine on stage and develop essential communication skills. Whether they dream of becoming an actor or simply want to have fun and make new friends, our Drama Academy camp is the perfect choice.

Super Soccer (ages 5 through 14)

Calling all young soccer enthusiasts! Join us at our Super Soccer camp and unleash your passion for the beautiful game. Our dedicated soccer coaches have a wealth of experience, both as players and as educators. With their expertise and enthusiasm, they will inspire your child, helping them develop their soccer abilities and fostering a love for the game. Fun fact, they were former pro players, so you are really training with the best!

Super Gymnastics (ages 5 through 12)

Join us at our Super Gymnastics camp and let your child shine on the mat! Under the guidance of our experienced gymnastics coaches, your child will learn a variety of gymnastics skills, from basic tumbling to advanced routines on the balance beam and parallel bars. in a safe and supportive environment.

Super Basketball (ages 7 through 16)

Step onto the court and shoot for the stars at our Super Basketball camp! This camp is perfect for both beginners and young basketball enthusiasts looking to take their skills to the next level. Led by our team of expert basketball coaches, your child will learn fundamental basketball techniques such as shooting and dribbling. They will also improve their basketball skills while developing teamwork and sportsmanship.

Parkour (ages 7 through 13)

Ready to defy gravity and move like never before? Join us at our Parkour camp and discover the exhilarating world of free-flowing movement. Our parkour coaches are not just skilled traceurs themselves, but also passionate instructors who prioritize safety and technique. Through structured training sessions and progressive challenges, they will guide your child to unlock their full potential in this freestyle discipline. 

Junior Scientist (ages 6 through 8)

Calling all young explorers and curious minds! Join our Junior Scientist camp and dive into the fascinating world of science. Your child will have the opportunity to conduct exciting experiments, explore various scientific principles, and develop their critical thinking skills.

Who are Camp Asia?

Camp Asia is the region’s leading and most trusted holiday camp program, with an outstanding choice of activities for children of ages 3 to 16. Now in our 12th year, we are certain that you will find an activity that’s a perfect fit for your child’s interests and abilities. Professionally managed by experienced, trained teachers, teaching assistants and subject specialists, all activities are designed to be age-appropriate. They are run at Cognita group schools, with their inherently safe environment and superb facilities.

Age of Campers: 3 to 16 years old

Camp Dates: 1 April to 12 April 2024, 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday (Excluding public holidays)

Prices: Starting from $715 (5 days), 2 delicious snacks and a nutritious lunch, free Camp Asia T-Shirt

Camp Location:  Stamford American International School, 1 Woodleigh Lane off Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 357684 (1 April to 5 April) & Australian International School, 1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore 556818 (8 April to 12 April)

Email Address: Info@campasia.asia

Parent Hotline: +65 6289 5888

Camp Website: https://bit.ly/3OnOihH  (Bookings Opening on 8 February 2024)

FB Handle: @campasiasingapore

IG Handle: @campasia