Can you keep a secret? The members of ANZA’s Secret Men’s Business (SMB) certainly can, as those who’ve tried to uncover just what happens at this mysterious ANZA group can confirm.

While participant’s lips have always remained tightly sealed, ANZA magazine has managed to prize a little information out of them, especially as times are changing for this exclusive Man Club.

Mike (Left) in action

Due to the departure of long-time SMB leader Patrick Taylor, Ross Cramp and Mike Sabey are now sharing the responsibility of skippering the social side of the group. As neither of them play golf (a massive part of SMB, apparently), Chris Easton is overseeing the sporty side of the show.

“The goal of SMB is men including ‘male trailing spouses’ to get together for golf, lunch, drinks, dinners, male bonding, and to solve world issues,” shares Mike, an SMB member for the past six years. “We keep in contact via various WhatsApp groups, and it’s very casual. SMB provides blokes with a good support network, especially for newly arrived trailing spouses who aren’t into coffee or mahjong.”

While Mike tried his best to keep as schtum as possible, he did reveal that SMB is in fact “not all about the golf, but it is a great excuse.” He says, “We’ve been known to go cycling, walking, and play the odd game of tennis on occasion. Most importantly though – shhhhhh! – it’s all secret men’s business!”


  • A weekly golf group with access to a few courses in Singapore
  • A UK vs ANZAC tournament held twice a year in Batam called the OBrien’s, and an annual Masters Tournament held at Hua Hin in Thailand
  • Monthly SMB lunches held every third Wednesday at SQUE bar, Clark Quay Central. There’s also an annual Christmas lunch
  • Meet-ups for State of Origin and other grand final events
  • Impromptu sessions for beers and a laugh (organised via the “Proper Drinkers” WhatsApp group). Venues include Heros and Mogambos to make the most of our exclusive ANZA member’s discount!

SMB is free to join and you must be an ANZA member to sign up. The group proudly support the charity Children’s Aid Society ( and certain fines are handed out for infractions on the golf course during tournaments and at other SMB events for charity. Find out more at