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Love theatre? You won’t want to miss this. At the heart of “Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream” lies a series of profound mysteries.

What led to the near extinction of India’s vultures?

Where do we go when we die?

What happens to the dreams of our youth as we age?

Tackling these thought-provoking questions requires a delicate touch, and Kutisar – a former street vendor turned electronics salesman – embodies this perfectly.

Thrown into limbo on his way to the afterlife, Kutisar desperately seeks to evade death, facing the shadows of his youth. As he grapples with his past transgressions, he navigates the real-life mystery that’s been gravely affecting Parsi death rituals – India’s vanishing vultures.

The Parsis traditionally practise a unique burial, where the deceased are fed to the vultures. This custom reflects their core belief in respecting the elements and returning the body to nature, whereas the soul embarks on its own separate journey to the afterlife. But what happens if the vultures are gone? Can your soul leave while the body is still intact?

Vulture puppetry

In this poignant comedy-drama, Jacob Rajan effortlessly embodies seven unique characters, each endowed with a distinct personality and expression. Supported by breathtaking vulture puppetry and brilliant sound design, this powerhouse production transports us from the afterlife to Malabar hills, Parsi fire temples and heaving slums, as well as a humble ice cream shop.

This brilliant monologue is a rumination of the enigmas behind death, ironically laced with existential angst and the sweetness of traditional Indian ice cream. After all, what better signifies the fleeting pleasures of life than the precious treat of ice cream? Inspired by Ernest Becker’s Pulitzer Prize winning non-fiction, The Denial of Death, “Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream” celebrates the exuberance of youth and the wisdom that comes with age. Jacob Rajan beautifully describes the show as a love letter to Mumbai, to vultures, and a way to meditate on the use of our time.

All in all, the play delivers an unparalleled experience, akin to indulging in an ice cream cone—each scoop serving up laughter, reflection, and a hint of Bollywood charm as the cherry on top.

Where to book

“Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream” begins its run 16 May 2024, at KC Arts Centre – Home of STC.

Enjoy 15% off when you purchase a minimum of 4 tickets with our Watch with Friends discount.

Tickets are available now via our website. Book your seats now at www.singaporetheatrecompany.sg/paradise