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Congratulations! You have decided to drive in Singapore. The process of getting a driving license in Singapore involves a few steps. In this article from our friends at Pacific Prime CXA, we will go over the step-by-step process of getting a driver’s license in Lion City.

Step 1: The Driving Theory Test

Before you can get behind the wheel, you must register and pass the Basic Theory Test on road rules and traffic signs. Study the BTT book and Singapore Highway Code diligently to prepare. The $6.50 test can be taken at the Singapore Safety Driving Center (SSDC), Bukit Batok Driving Center (BBDC), or ComfortDelGro Driving Center (CDC) after paying a registration fee.

Step 2: The Provisional Driving License

With the BTT cleared, your next decision is whether to enroll at a driving school or hire a private instructor. Established driving schools like SSDC offer a structured programme of 20-25 lessons for SGD $2078-$2647.

Private instructors are more affordable at SGD $1327-$2082* for up to 20 flexible lessons plus 5 mandatory circuit sessions. Schools guarantee quality instruction but at a higher cost.

Step 3: The Final Theory Test

In this step, you’ll be tested to see if you’re fit to drive in Singapore and progress to the next steps in the process. You have two years to complete your practical driving test from when your PDL is approved.

Step 4: The Simulator Lesson

Enroll for the three mandatory simulator course modules once you have completed at least five practical driving lessons. These realistic simulators help prepare you for various road scenarios and conditions.

Step 5: The Practical Driving Test

Your PDT will happen in two parts. The first part of the driving test is conducted on a circuit, and the second part of the test will be on public roads. The test will cost you SGD $33. If you don’t clear the driving test the first time, you have the option to take two additional compulsory driving lessons and re-take the PDT at a later date.

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