Quiet cafes for Sitting In Stillness

The Book Cafe
An oldie but a goodie, The Book Cafe has been sitting peacefully in River Valley since 2000. This delightfully understated hidey hole is a proper peaceful haven for bibliophiles looking to escape real life and dive into a world of words. Offering a second-living room space where folks can chill, browse, and drink and eat from their cosy sofas, we recommend the Eggs Benedict, a deep dive into their shelves of magazines, and a self-imposed phone ban.
20 Martin Road, Seng Kee Building, #01-02, 239070  thebookcafesg.com

Ceres Haus
Located on the second floor of a shophouse on Circular Road, Ceres Haus soothes frazzled nerves by day when it serves as a cafe. Look out for an empty wine bottle hanging by the unassuming entrance and make your way up to an oasis of calm. The minimal and moody (but in a cool way!) vibe creates a safe space for coffee and madeleines, but make sure you’re gone by nightfall when it turns into a buzzy wine bar.
 18A Circular Road, 049374  ceres.haus

Suzuki Gourmet Coffee
A Japanese-style teahouse in an industrial building in Jurong is always going to grab attention, but the noise about this place stops at the entrance. This tranquil hideout (opened by Suzuki Gourmet Coffee, one of SG’s oldest roasteries dating back to 1979), comes in the shape of a wood-clad space reminiscent of a traditional tearoom. Prepare for excellent quality coffee – filter, flat, with extra froth – place your order and sip in silence.
8 Chin Bee Avenue, 619934 suzukicoffee.com.sg

Silk Tea Bar
We all know that the ritual of making and enjoying a good cuppa can calm your nerves, and Silk Tea Bar is an all-out serene place to have one. Melody Teo and partner Xian Tan created Silk Tea Bar as an enclave where people can get acquainted with – and appreciate – the flavours of loose leaf teas from China. Minimally decorated in a Chinatown shophouse, the focus is on the almost meditative affair of tea drinking where the subtleties of tea can be savoured. (Take your own Tim Tams for dunking).
26A Sago Street, 059021 silk.teabar

The Ritual
Part of what makes this cafe such a mellow gem is that it’s located within a condo, Alocassia Apartments, along Stevens Road. You don’t need to be a resident to hang out here, but it’s a super spot for serenity with a sense of community. For the ultimate in seclusion, prop up at one of the counter seats. Nutrition and health are the name of the game so prepare for wholesome snacks, cold pressed juices and kombucha made from scratch.
383 Bukit Timah Road, #01-09B, 259727 theritual.co

Healing activities for Escape & Unwinding

Sembawang Hot Spring
Sembawang Hot Spring Park is a must visit for tired feet with humans attached. First discovered in 1909, this natural spring features a cascading pool of hot water which gently cools down as it flows to the bottom tier. Grab a pail, fill it up, and treat your tootsies! This restful location is surrounded by fruit trees, flowers and edible plants, and there’s a DIY egg station and glasshouse cafe to hang out at post-soak.
Gambas Avenue, 756952  nparks.gov.sg

How can prawning not be a Zen experience – you just sit back, relax and reel in your catch? Escape the heat and prawn sweat-free at Fish@Bugis+, the only air-conditioned prawning place in Singapore. Great for families or solo anglers, simply wait for your catch over a cold pint of beer, then feast on your findings. For those really looking for solitude, the centre is open until 6am.
Bugis+ Shopping Centre, 201 Victoria Street, #07-05, 188067 funatfish.com  fishatbugis

Right pic from NParks

Meomi Cat Cafe
Everyone knows that the simple act of petting a cat has calming effects, so if you’ve had a tough week, this is just the ticket. Right now, this cafe is home to nine furry felines, a cat jungle gym so you can watch them prowling around, drinks, snacks and cat merch. Kids aged 7 – 13 years old are welcome when accompanied by an adult.
 668 North Bridge Road, 188801  meomicatcafe

Sang Nila Utama Garden
If you can’t get to Bali, here’s a small slice of Indonesian paradise in Fort Canning Park. This lovely area is one of nine gardens created to draw you into Singapore’s history. Wander through Sang Nila Utama Garden, named after the first king of Singapore, and you get a taste of what Fort Canning may have been like in the 14th century. Besides the highly Instagrammable Japanese split gates, there’s reflective pools and statues, all of which were believed to be in Prince Sang Nila Utama’s garden back in the day.
 1 Canning Rise, 179868. Enter via the Clarke Quay entrance

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
It doesn’t get more Zen than this Buddhist temple and monastery in Bishan. Built in 1920, the building provides lodging for monks and comprises prayer halls, crematoriums and columbariums, a library, intricate carvings, vibrant colours, ornate decorations, some very impressive tiling, and the Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas. Truly a spiritual spectacle, make your way to one of the water fountains where you can contemplate life, love, the universe, and what to have for dinner.
88 Bright Hill Road, 574117

ANZA Stitches
While every one of ANZA’s sports and activity groups offer a welcome respite from the daily grind, there are some more peaceful than others. An office poll (okay, a seven-person debate) concluded that while ANZA Watersports can offer serene time on the water, and ANZA’s Easy Riders provides unhurried cycling, it’s ANZA Stitches that is perhaps the most gentle group available. Discover more about our high energy, low key, and wholly unstressful offerings at anza.org.sg