Athletics – Rules


Running Events

Athletes must stay in their lane in events up to and including the 400m. In hurdles, athletes are NOT disqualified for knocking over hurdles.
An athlete finishes the race when their torso (chest) crosses the finish line.
A false start will be indicated by three blows of the hooter.


U6/7/860m645cm (no holes showing)
U980m845cm (no holes showing)
U10/1180m860cm (2 holes showing)
U1280m868cm (3 holes showing)
U13/14/1580m876cm (full height)

Jumping Events

High jumpers must take off from one foot. In long and triple jump, toes must not go over the edge of the take-off mat nearest the pit. If they do, a “no jump” is recorded and the mark is not measured.
In triple jump, the take-off mat will be moved in 1-meter steps to suit the stride of each competitor.
Jumpers must leave the sand pit and the high jumping mat from the rear of the pit/mat. All legal jumps will be measured from the middle front edge of the take-off mat closest to the pit.

Throwing Events

Athletes may enter the ring from either the front or rear half. The throw must land inside the two lines running out from the circle. On the line is out.
The throw must land before the thrower leaves the ring and athletes must leave from the back half of the ring only.
Once a throw has been started, throwers must not touch the top of the ring or the ground outside it.

Shot Put

U6/7Boys and Girls1kg
U8Boys and Girls1.5kg
U9/10/11Boys and Girls2kg

The shot must not be brought behind the line of the shoulders. It must be close to the chin and must not be dropped below the chin once the putting action has begun.


U6/7/8Boys and Girls350g
U9/10Boys and Girls500g


Hints for Officials

  • Sets of rules are available on the result clipboards at each event – please read them
  • Place yourself in the best possible position to observe all athletes’ actions
  • Ensure all athletes have an equal opportunity to achieve their best in all events
  • Encourage but do not force children to compete
  • Timing starts from the hooter. If you miss starting your timer, the starter should sound the hooter three times and the athletes should be called back to the start line.
  • In the event of a false start, the starter should sound the hooter three times and the athletes should be called back to the start line.
  • A runner finishes the race when his/her chest crosses the line first
  • Practice runs and jumps must be used fairly; if one heat has a practice run, all heats must have the opportunity to practice
  • Every run/throw or jump that a child completes within the rules must be recorded
  • Races are measured to the 100th of a second; jumps and throws to the centimetre
  • All hurdles, 70m, 100m, 200m, 300m and 400m are run in lanes with a staggered start where appropriate
  • 800m, 1100m and 1500m are started on the curved line and athletes are permitted to move into the inside lane. Spikes are not permitted