White Lodge kindergartens are among the most inspirational and nurturing educational establishments in Singapore. Our talented teachers share their educational skills not only with our students, but with the wider community, most recently through our collaboration with the Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA). SINDA is a group that works hard to build a strong and vibrant Indian Community within Singapore. Key areas that they concentrate on are education, family services and active collaboration.

On Thursday 3rd December 2015, 60 students aged 7-9 years old from SINDA were invited by White Lodge for an afternoon of United Nations Day celebrations held at Melbourne Specialist International School. This theme was chosen as it would give an exciting opportunity for the students to learn about and explore all the cultures that make up our community.

The event was creatively planned to enable the children to be taken on a flight around the world. At each continent themed room, the teachers from White Lodge shared information through hands-on learning activities enabling each child to gain an insight into this world themed experience.

Music was used to enable the children to learn about Africa. They participated by using musical instruments to play along to African tribal music. For Asia, the children were able to dress in costumes to represent some of the countries within the continent. There was an art and craft activity focusing on America. Staff at The Pantry became involved in providing a cooking activity for the European continent. The children were able to make pizzas and chocolate fondue with fruits and enjoy these delicious treats. With different learning activities, the children were kept interested in a variety of ways.

At the end of the day, students and principals took a group photo and made a big postcard for SINDA as a memory of their ‘travel around the world’. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and staff at White Lodge enjoyed sharing this learning experience with them. The children left the day happy and with a special gift from the afternoon.

White Lodge Education Group Services are responsible for eight kindergartens throughout Singapore as well as Melbourne Specialist International School and The Pantry, both at Loewen Gardens.