Why is this such an important question for a parent to ask?

As families conduct tours and gather information in preparation for choosing a Nursery or Preschool for their young children, we invite you to consider what is most important to you in making your choice.

Everything that you will see in the early year’s experiences before you will reflect that centre’s image of young children. Do you see a space which provides unlimited, rich and broad learning experiences to children? Does it provide opportunities for children to be unique and individual? Does it support collaborative learning, problem solving, risk taking and research? Does the environment make you feel welcomed, inspired, comforted? Does what you hear during your tour, marry with your principles and values as a parent?

This is how we view the early years’ experience at Blue House.

There must be synergy in the values you hold as parents, and the values reflected at your chosen preschool. This partnership, this community, is powerful, taking learning seamlessly from school to home, seeing children grow exponentially in confidence and in their depth and breadth of learning.
Children in their early years are competent, capable, and curious and have great desire to connect with the world. They thrive in environments that value them in their uniqueness, that welcome their individual voice and contribution, that allow them to test their theories, research in partnership and dialogue about their experiences. They welcome opportunities to connect with the outdoors and all of the unlimited sensorial and educational benefits only nature can provide.

At Blue House, we place your child at the centre of our eco-system. We surround them with a community of children, educators, staff and parents who believe in them. We support them with an environment that provides inspiration, invites exploration and offers a rich context of research. Children grow comfortable in their own skin; they feel confident and have great desire to contribute to the world. They feel powerful, valued and important. They realise their voice is important and they are not afraid to take risks, to TRY.

What greater gift can we provide to young children?

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