The Smart Steps approach

The Smart Steps program forms a fundamental part of the Early Years curriculum at the Australian International School. The program offers a well-balanced mix of activities designed to develop ‘automaticity’, making movement something which children do not have to think about. When a child automates control of their physical self, their brain can turn to other matters, such as thinking and reasoning, creativity and invention, and strategies and tactics they will use in the classroom, on the playing field or in any other endeavor they choose to pursue. In other words, developing a smart relationship between the body and the brain makes everything else possible.

The Smart Steps activities

The Smart steps activities are developed around six basic elements of movement – the senses, balance, intuition, power, coordination and control, all of which are underpinned by the development of language. There are a total of 50 different activities in the program and these range from tunneling to improve spatial awareness, walking on beams to improve balance and juggling bean bags to improve coordination.

These activities are taught once a week by qualified teachers in a dedicated Smart Steps movement room at the new Reggio Emilia-inspired Early Learning Village. Opening in July, the Early Learning Village has been designed for children aged 18 months to six years old and provides a unique environment that truly supports each child’s learning journey.

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