Education is such an important part of children’s development and there are so many different teaching styles, curriculum and methods that are being used in educational establishments today. The use of technological aids and equipment is becoming more prevalent in the approaches to teaching in modern day.

White Lodge International Preschool and Kindergarten was established in 1999 and there are now seven centres open throughout Singapore. At White Lodge, the curriculum is deeply rooted in an organic state of growth and is based on the most current theories and research in early childhood education. Delivering a high quality education to children aged 6 months to 6.5 years of age, White Lodge is committed to educate children in the best possible way, regularly researching into the latest shifts in curriculum and learning to enhance every individual’s development.

With a comprehensive curriculum encompassing the Primary Years Programme, White Lodge educates not only with an academic framework in mind but thinking about life skills and the future well-being of each pupil. Educators at White Lodge work hard to provide an inspiring and innovative education for their students.

White Lodge invests into excellent teaching resources to keep students excited about learning and take great pride in investing in the most current resources. Recently White Lodge have introduced the Bee- Bot programmable floor robot in all of their Kindergarten classes. Using the Bee-Bot helps to extend mathematical, language and team working skills using a multi-sensory approach. Students will be introduced to the pre-programming concept of algorithm design by sequencing the Bee-Bot’s movements. It has a simple and child friendly layout that is a perfect for teaching coding , extending imagination and creativity while learning to communicate appropriately in a social setting. The multi-sensory robot is colourful, with flashing eyes, sounds and movement to keep children intrigued and engaged.

This new learning aid will introduce children to design and technology as well as helping them improve their spatial visualisation skills while having fun. They will be encouraged to mentally orientate, manipulate, track and rotate the Bee-Bot while using their language skills to recall, interpret and articulate command sequences Using the Bee-Bot will help to extend children’s mathematical, language and team-working abilities through a multi-sensory approach while allowing them to explore new technology. Introducing such a programme from a young age helps to build a strong foundation in math skills.

White Lodge strives to provide an education with ‘something more’. With this exciting and innovative learning benefit at White Lodge, children are enjoying the introduction of the Bee-Bot to their classroom!

SOURCEWhite Lodge