Choosing the right International school for your child can be a daunting task. Parents need to consider how a school meets the needs of the future.

For starters look for a 21st century learning environment that is holistic in nature, developing students’ academic outcomes, nurturing core human values and building real-life skills.

Creating a solid foundation for future learning

A crucial component of learning, for all children in school, into university and beyond is providing interdisciplinary integration of subjects to solve real-world problems. Students make connections between subjects’ using this interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning approach, grasping and appreciating why they are learning.

When choosing a school, look at how a particular institution provides opportunities across all subject areas. How students explore and find answers to questions about the world around them. Equally of importance is for a school to have skilled and knowledgeable teachers who can address the needs of all students in a supportive and resource-rich environment.

Commitment to a balanced approach beyond the classroom

Sports are a key ingredient of a balanced education approach. Besides the obvious physical and mental benefits, students learn how to become team players and gain important transferable skills like respect, discipline, commitment and communication. Looking for a school with a sporting culture is important.

Through a comprehensive sporting curriculum and sporting culture, students push themselves out of their comfort zones to be better than they have been before. Their hard work and dedication will pay off when they are competing.

Values and practical skills: equipping our students for the real world through creativity

Schools are in the business of shaping the future. In our fast-changing world, organizations are scouting for people who can bring new perspectives as sharp thinkers. When choosing a school it is imperative that the school in question nurtures creativity in its students.

Schools that enable students to be at the core of the creative process give them free license to be creative, to explore, to make mistakes and to have fun. The emphasis of the Arts should not just be on results, but the process as a whole: exploring, devising, revising, reflecting and sharing.

Creating brighter futures through education

Look for schools that are true innovators and have a clear mission. That are driven to provide quality education. Not just rehearsing the past, but pioneering the future of learning. Schools that are passionate about instilling values and providing practical skills that will equip your child for the real world. And finally look for passionate, pioneering educators that are dedicated to providing quality education and building real life skills, every day, in every classroom.

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