A&E departments across all hospitals in Singapore can save money and time if patients know beforehand what’s considered an emergency case. This can help shorten queues, which allows actual emergency cases to be attended to more quickly. Pacific Prime Singapore advises on the common situations that require immediate medical attention.

A&E admission required?

Feeling poorly, or just had an accident? It’s vital to check whether your condition needs to be assessed at your local A&E. Below are conditions that would grant A&E admission. Otherwise, a GP appointment or even a visit to the pharmacist may be sufficient to alleviate your health problems.

Health conditions that require A&E admission include:


–       A persistent fever lasting several days and has a temperature greater than 40 C


–       If the wound is numb, deep and open, and bleeding doesn’t stop

–       If the cut involves broken glass or an object that may be contaminated


–       If the person has large or deep burns to any part of the body

–       All chemical and electrical burns that corrode the skin

Elevated blood pressure or shortness of breath:

–       Any sudden or severe shortness of breath

–       Chest pains, breathlessness, headache, blurred vision, vomiting, or weakness in the arms/legs


–       Sustained nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pains

–       Feelings of drowsiness and fainting fits

Broken bones:

– Hearing/feeling a sudden snap, or a grinding noise as the injury happens

– If you cannot fully bear your weight, or experience sharp pain upon movement

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