What’s the secret to picking fitness resolutions that are attainable and realistic?
Leigh, Head of Personal Training UFIT: The key is to really think about why you want to achieve your goals, and make the goals smart – I want to lose 3kg and drop a dress size by 1 March is a lot more powerful than just saying ‘I want to lose weight’. With a strong reason and an emotional goal it’s so much easier to stay focused once the New Year motivation fades away (usually by February!)

What’s the best way to set a fitness routine and stick with it?
Leigh: Firstly, do something you enjoy! Also focus on creating a manageable habit. For example, ‘I will train twice a week without fail’ is a lot easier and more beneficial than saying you are going to train five times a week at 6am! That’s setting yourself up for failure. Have fun and be realistic.

What are the common excuses you hear for not exercising?
Nathan, Manager and Personal Trainer at UFIT : I think the lamest one is ‘no time’. Usually this can be quickly debunked by getting someone to wake up 45-60 minutes earlier and walking/moving every morning before breakfast.

How can we avoid fitness becoming a chore?
Leigh: View your fitness as ‘training’ instead of ‘exercise’ and become results oriented. I guarantee once you achieve your first pull up or bodyweight deadlift you will find ‘training’ far more rewarding and enjoyable. Don’t just turn up and hope for the best. Having a plan, a goal, and focus will turn your fitness into a journey that not only improves your strength and confidence, but also gives you a sense of achievement.

Do you have some tips for great nutrition?
Nathan: Everyone is different, and you need to listen to your own body in terms of what makes you thrive and feel good. If I was to use one word that would be “fuel”. Treat food as fuel and choose only the best sources to energise your body and improve performance.
Leigh: My answer to this is always ‘it depends’, but focus on eating more veggies and fruit, more lean protein and carbs (to fuel your training), drink more water and give yourself 10% ‘wiggle room’.

6 small ways to stay motivated:

1. Set achievable deadlines.

2. Have a varied training schedule.

3. Do something you enjoy.

4. Use weekends for activity and sunshine.

5. Reward yourself on small milestones.

6. Keep a training journal to record progress.