ANZA Soccer players are having a blast catching up with their teammates and keeping fit with weekly online training. Sessions are run by professional soccer coaches and are conducted live via Zoom. Each high energy session is around 45 minutes, and includes exercises that focus on agility, core, and cardio. The sessions are great fun and allow the kids to train at their own pace.

All participants need is a 3m x 3m space, a ball, an exercise mat, and some markers. “Our girls loved the session, and really got a lot out of the fitness drills,” said Coach Adelina.

Here is what some of our parents and players had to say:

“Even though we are not on the pitch training and playing matches every week, online training has helped me focus on the basics of football. I can stay connected with my coach, Adelina and my teammates while still enjoying the game.” – Nicole, Matildas U17.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue working on my skills and to stay connected with my coach and teammates during these tough times. Without a doubt, it has been the highlight of my week during this circuit breaker.” – Madison, Matildas U17.

“Online training is amazing because it gives us the opportunity to stay in shape during this difficult time. Coach Adelina has always looked out for us and ANZA is like a family to me. Thank you!” – Jill, Matildas U14

“I am grateful that no matter the situation I’m still able to train with my team, keep up my skills and prepare for the next season with ANZA Soccer. It’s been a very productive thing to do and makes me look forward to the Circuit Breaker ending.” – Charlotte, Matildas U14

“I’m thrilled to get back to Football trainings as they were the highlight of my week. Even though it doesn’t feel the same; I still enjoy zoom trainings, seeing Adelina and my teammates almost every day. – Miray, Matildas U14

“Jessica really enjoyed the Zoom training by Ade – she got to see her teammates and work on fitness and ball control. It’s a good mix of fitness and working with the ball (that Jess has missed during the Circuit Breaker) and it should keep her in good shape for when we can return to the pitch. It’s great she can see her teammates and keep connected to ANZA during this time.” – Alistair, parent of Matildas U12 player

“The online training for the Matildas has been a great, it has been something that Megan was really missing during circuit breaker. It’s been great to see ANZA Soccer bring joy back to Megan and give her the opportunity to exercise and improve. This will allow Megan to start the season with a good level of fitness and some new skills, but most importantly she is having some fun with her team mates.” – Philip,parent of Matildas U12.

“We love the commitment of ANZA Soccer and the coaches in providing online training during COVID-19. Even a small place is perfect for soccer training. A big thanks to ANZA. It’s great to be part of the ANZA family and it’s good to see the boys sweating again.”- Braun Family, U12 and U14

“The ANZA Soccer online coaching is a welcome addition to our family’s ‘keep active’ routine in the house. Kai was super excited leading up to the session. Not only to be allowed to kick the ball around in the house, but to also see some of his teammates who he misses greatly. He had a great time getting back into the sport he enjoys. Many thanks to the ANZA Soccer committee and coaching staff for making these sessions possible.” – Lauren, parent U8

The ANZA Soccer season starts 29 August and registrations are now open for returning players. Registrations open to all on 8 June.