While much of the camaraderie is provided by our players and parent volunteers, it’s ANZA Soccer’s generous corporate sponsors that help make our commitment to providing “Fun, Friends, and Football” to families a reality. Our Saturday league and Sunday competition teams rely on our sponsors to help defray our costs and keep our programmes affordable for expat and local families alike.

In the current economic environment, we understand that companies must carefully consider whether to make monetary commitments to nonprofit organisations like ANZA, and we are beyond grateful that these companies support our Fair Play philosophy and understand our mission. We could not do it without you, so thank you to our new and returning sponsors for being a huge part of what makes ANZA Soccer so special.

Sponsoring green and gold competition teams
Interactive Brokers

Who they are: Interactive Brokers is an automated global electronic broker that serves clients from over 200 countries and territories in over 150 market destinations worldwide. IBKR provides direct access (“on line”) trade execution and clearing services to institutional and active traders for electronically traded products including stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, gold and funds worldwide.
Why ANZA? “Interactive Brokers recognise the positive impact that competitive sports can have on shaping a child’s life and supports ANZA’s objective of offering affordable youth soccer programmes to the community. Many of our clients are involved with ANZA Soccer, which brings our organisation together with clients and members of the association. We enjoy the camaraderie and competitive spirit of the games and hope to see more this year! In the meantime, we cheer on our ANZA Soccer teams and support the organisation as a whole.” Yujun Lin CEO Interactive Brokers, Singapore

Sponsoring our Little Lions Mixed 2 to mixed 6 teams and also Tigers Mixed 7 to Mixed 17 teams in grey

Who they are: MUFG provide outsourcing, administration and financing to asset managers and sovereign wealth funds. We build long-term strategic partnerships with clients, often building bespoke solutions to cater for their specific needs. MUFG values community and believes large institutions like ours have an obligation to support organisations like ANZA that are focused on bringing people together, child welfare, and family.
Why ANZA? “I’ve seen first-hand the effort put in by ANZA parents, coaches and club reps every week. It’s grassroots and community-focused, a true NGO. We want to give back to the community that supports us by giving organisations like ANZA the peace of mind that cash-flow challenges won’t affect their ability to positively impact kids’ lives. Perhaps the next Messi or Marta is playing on a Saturday morning and our sponsorship has helped them a little bit!” Paddy Kirwan, Managing Director

Sponsoring our coaches in red and blue
Carey Olsen

Who they are: Carey Olsen prioritises giving back to the communities in which we are based, so we are delighted to offer steady support to ANZA Soccer over the years. ANZA has established a fantastic social community and coaching programme that has become hugely popular with both youth players and their parents in Singapore. We look forward to seeing ANZA Soccer go from strength to strength.
Why ANZA? “The first thing we did upon arrival in Singapore in 2016 was enrol our kids in the ANZA Soccer Saturday Club League. We liked that it was fun, social, and run by volunteer parents. We also appreciated the opportunities for children to develop competitive skills. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed playing in both ANZA Soccer leagues and we’ve made some long-lasting friendships with the coaches, team managers, and AGCs, who work hard to make the ANZA Soccer programme so successful.” Anthony McKenzie, Managing Partner

Sponsoring the Flyers in blue
James Cook University

What they do: The Singapore campus of James Cook University is owned by James Cook University Australia. We offer programmes in Business, Information Technology, Psychology, Science, Commerce, Accounting, Aquaculture, Environmental Science, Games Design, and Tourism and Hospitality. The university also offers Higher Degree by Research programs such as Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy and pathways to a higher degree. The Tropical Futures Institute was launched in 2018 to enhance the university’s research capability in Singapore. Furthermore, a range of short courses and training programs are offered by James Cook Institute which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of James Cook University in Singapore.
Why ANZA? “By sponsoring ANZA Soccer, we continue to strengthen our long-standing relationship with ANZA. ANZA Soccer provides an opportunity to promote teamwork, excellence, respect, and community spirit among youth – values that align with James Cook University in Singapore.” Ms Pinky Sibal, Director Brand and Marketing Services

Sponsoring the Gordons in red
Canadian International School

What they do: Canadian International School (CIS) is one of the leading IB schools in the Asia Pacific region. We offer an academically rigorous programme implemented by a broad range of languages, fine arts, athletic and service-learning opportunities designed to develop balance, deepen connections and to uncover the true learning potential of our students. Our teaching approach focuses on developing critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, all skills our students need to be successful in our ever-changing world.
Why ANZA? “We choose to sponsor ANZA as the partnership allows us to unite our communities with a common focus on prioritising children’s development. We recognise the value of extra-curricular activities and ANZA’s ability to do this well.”
Cory Dickson, Director of Marketing and Admissions

Sponsoring the Sailors in White
Osler Health

What they do: Osler Health International offers trusted family healthcare to the international community of Singapore, including many ANZA members. Known for their patient-centric approach (check their 5-star Google Business reviews), Osler Health is the go-to for compassionate family physicians for babies, children, teens, mums and dads. With a holistic health approach and a focus on Lifestyle Medicine, we collaborate with patients for healthy longevity.
Why ANZA? “The Osler approach to healthcare is based upon Lifestyle Medicine. This is an evidence-based approach that informs us that the lifestyle choices we make each day affect our future health. Two of the key pillars of Lifestyle Medicine include the importance of physical activity and of having social connections. ANZA soccer delivers both these pillars. Not only do the children experience the benefits of sport but they (and their parents) also develop great friends. ANZA Soccer is Lifestyle Medicine in action!” Victoria Fagan, Marketing Manager, Osler Health International

Sponsoring the Matildas in Turquoise
Dulwich College Singapore

What they do: Dulwich College (Singapore) is a leading international school with a British independent school ethos, drawing upon the proud 400-year heritage, excellence, innovation and values of the founding school in London. Part of an international family of schools, Dulwich College (Singapore) has a global outlook and contemporary approach, reflecting the diversity of the students from 2 to 18 years. The state-of-the-art green campus and rich academic, sports, arts and music curriculum are designed to help each child reach their potential and make a positive difference in the world.
Why ANZA? “We value the Australian and New Zealand communities in Singapore, and it is our pleasure to support the Matildas and the broader ANZA community. Dulwich College (Singapore) is known for its sporting prowess and has achieved much success in local and regional inter-school competitions. Equally important, we believe that all students should have access to sport, regardless of ability – the chance to experience being part of a team, and the great camaraderie and development opportunities that it affords is priceless. Good luck to the Matildas!” Piers Matthews, Director of Admissions & Marketing

Sponsoring the Vikings in Yellow
Odin Mortgage

Who they are: Odin Mortgage is the expert in helping Aussie expats and overseas investors buy properties in Australia and review mortgages for a better offer in the market. Odin Mortgage operate globally serving expats and investors around the world where we have recently expanded our operation opening an office in Raffles Place, Singapore headed by Steven Lee. Access 20+ Australian lenders and international banks with Odin Mortgage for the best available borrowing options for your next home-buying journey.
Why ANZA? “One of our goals is to contribute to the communities where we belong and serve our clients. We recognise the positive impact of sports communities when it comes to growing children and connecting families, and ANZA Soccer is one of the most vibrant sport communities in Singapore where many of our clients are already engaged. Odin Mortgage is proud to sponsor the organisation which brings opportunities to connect our clients and members of the community. We love to see great games and activities throughout the year.” Steven Lee, Director, Odin Mortgage

Sponsoring the Warriors in Green

What they do: Smilefocus has been a part of the Singapore community for over 25 years. With a diverse team of internationally experienced dentists, we offer comprehensive services, including preventive care, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and surgical treatments. Committed to delivering exceptional dental care, we pride ourselves on our core values of patient satisfaction, experience, and investment in technology and patient education, aiming to provide a positive dental experience for children and adults.
Why ANZA? “We are deeply committed to the holistic health of our community, understanding that wellbeing extends beyond dental care. Soccer, with its emphasis on teamwork, discipline, and physical effort, perfectly embodies the values we uphold. It encourages not only physical fitness but also mental wellness, cooperation, and resilience among young players. This commitment reflects our broader vision of promoting a healthy, active lifestyle alongside oral health, recognising the vital connection between physical activity and overall wellbeing.” Dr Bernard Siew