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Get ready for a full-on back-to-back celebrations from now until – ooooooh – forever! With Christmas upon us, followed by Chinese New Year, Australia Day, and a whole host of festivals to follow, modern day living comes with constant opportunities to be thankful for something!

Even without national holidays taking place, house parties are just as good for gathering friends and family together to unwind and have fun. Yes, even if your rent has just risen by a gazillion percent – thanks SG landlords – there are options available to help you entertain without breaking the bank.   

Here’s how to host without spending the most, while still having a pantry filled with natural wine, functional drinks, sugar-free snacks, and coffee to suit every party guest requirement.

Unicorn water

Possibly the  most princessy of water options, Three Bays Sparkling Water has already been dubbed the ‘Unicorn’ of Mineral Water in Broadsheet Melbourne. It has a cult following in the US and Europe Fine Water Society and was celebrated in Zac Efron’s documentary Down to Earth. It boasts high levels of minerality or TDS (23 out of 24 minerals), which are essential for our body. For those not into alcohol, or having a night off the sauce, go all out and serve fine-dining standard Unicorn Water.

Anti-hangover treats

Serve non-alcoholic drinks that taste exactly like their alcoholic counterparts. We love artisanal Italian aperitifs, Senza from Daylesford and crystal-infused Lunae Sparkling Water, functional prebiotic bobby sodas (yes, the cola flavour you’re familiar with that are good for your guts and carbon-neutral). Pre-mixed non-alcoholic whisky sour or G&T by Monday Distillery are suger-free and mean you don’t have to faff with portion control yourself.  

For the wine snob

Don’t miss the latest Pet Nats, organic or lo-fi wines from down under. These some is a small batch and are made au naturale, with funky designs. We’re talking Konpira Maru, La Violetta, Dormilona, Unico Zelo, DAS Juice, Deliquente, ARC, Architects of Wine, Ada Wines, Sunny and Frederick Stevenson.

As you can see, we’re a sucker for tasty products with cool packaging from meaningful brands, run by passionate small producers who care for the planet. Visit our website and sip your way through the season with upcoming deals, and shop online for gorgeous, gift-able products and support us and our vendors. 


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