In celebration of the December festivities, Canchita Peruvian Cuisine at Dempsey Hill introduces a special “Las Posadas” menu, bringing the beloved flavours of Latin America to Singapore.

“Las Posadas” is a Christmas tradition observed in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras from December 16 – 24, symbolising the pregnancy of Mary. The term “posadas” comes from the Spanish word for ‘lodging,’ referencing the inn in the Nativity story and giving rise to the well-known tradition of “piñatas.” In distinctive Canchita style, these seasonal offerings will be featured alongside the regular menu.

Chef Tamara Chavez infuses the Latin American Christmas table spirit into the menu, and we had the pleasure of sampling these dishes. Highlights include the Cocktail Rosado ($44), a sumptuous shellfish cocktail with lobster and prawns marinated in creamy tomato tiger’s milk. The Ajiaco Colombiano ($34), a comforting chicken soup with potatoes, corn, and topped with sour cream, capers, and Colombian Guascas.

For a festive taste of Puerto Rico, the Beef Mofongo ($42), fried plantain stuffed with Picanha, generously dressed with “Mojo Blanco” dressing. In true Latin spirit, the Lechon Asado ‘A la Cubana’ ($60) featured juicy suckling pig roasted Cuban-style, served with mojo sauce and traditional ‘Moros con Cristianos’ or black beans and rice.

The sweet conclusion features a tasty Arroz Zambito ($16), Peruvian rice pudding adorned with chancaca, fresh coconut, raisins, and cloves. To complement the meal, Canchita offers delightful cocktails crafted for the occasion.

VERDICT: These delectable creations are available throughout December, providing an opportunity to savour Latin American Christmas dishes, with Chef Tamara’s storytelling adding an immersive touch to the dining experience.

Canchita Peruvian Cuisine, Dempsey Rd, #9A 9B, 247698