Canadian International School (CIS) secondary student Joseph T. shared a glimpse of his timetable and day-to-day activities at CIS, saying, “My day kicks off at 8.30am with Advisory where my advisor checks in to see how I’m doing. We can chat about anything, whether it’s challenges I’m facing in school, or just life in general. I also take this time to go over my goals and get the lowdown on school activities. 

The rest of my day is structured around four subject blocks, each lasting 80 minutes. We study Middle Years Programme (MYP) subjects, like languages, science, art, and we have cool programmes like experiential learning that keep things interesting. Classes are challenging but really engaging. I like to jump into discussions and group projects are fun. The best part? We’re not just buried in text books; we get our hands dirty in labs or head out of class to apply what we’ve learned. 

Once the third period is over, it’s time for lunch – my favourite part of the day where I can break from the grind and hang with my friends at the café. Sometimes we’ll play table tennis. 

There’s also a 40-minute SMART (Student Maximising Achievement, Responsibility, and Time) period where I have the chance to choose my own adventure. I usually go for student council meetings, team up with friends to work on my Service Action project, or meet with castmates to prepare for our next musical “The Addams Family” where I’m playing the role of Pugsley. 

Even though classes wrap up at 3:30pm, I often stick around for swim practice with the huskies or meet with my teachers for extra help. They’re always there to give a hand.” 

“Classes are challenging but really engaging, and group projects are fun”

Route to becoming university-ready
By Secondary Principal, Daniel Smith

On top of providing a holistic learning experience, CIS offers long-term support to prepare students like Joseph for life after graduation. During Advisory, students formulate academic goals that are continuously reviewed throughout the year. Teachers, university advisors, and counsellors constantly engage with students, offering support at every step of their journey within and beyond CIS. 

Secondary Principal, Daniel Smith, shares that most recent CIS graduates appreciated the role the school played in shaping their university path. One student noted that she acquired essential organisational skills and others highlighted that the opportunity to gain a deeper self-awareness and the ability to identify their academic strengths helped them to select university courses. 

He adds, “Our school’s vision speaks specifically to the potential for all students and our desire to feel ownership of their future. With the many paths our students take, we are building foundations for them to be prepared for the known and unknown challenges of the future.” 

Learn more about CIS’s secondary programme and experience the Canadian spirit firsthand at our upcoming Open House.

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