Cycling – Ride Schedule

Weekly Ride Schedule – Updated 8 February 2018

  • All cyclists (however experienced) are required to attend the Newcomers Induction Ride. Registration is via the Facebook post on the Anza Cycling Group 2-3 days prior to the ride
  • Check Facebook Group for updates prior to all rides
  • Quoted distances and average rolling speeds are estimates. Allow for some variation
Type of
Name of RideMeeting PointMapFreqAverage
DistDrop Ride
RatingRide CaptainNotes
Sunday7:15amRoadSunday Recovery RideRats CornerWeekly28-30kph32kph65kmNDave Powell
7:30amRoadReverse KranjiRats CornerWeekly33-34kphuncapped65kmDrop RideCheck FaceBook if on
7:30amRoadSocial MandaiFood CanopyWeekly32-33kph38-40kph55kmNTimmy Rix
VariesMTBMTB RideVariesWeeklyVariesVariesVariesNChris Rawlings
Monday6:00amRoadCity West LoopRats CornerWeekly32kph40kph35kmN
Tuesday5:45amRoadSentosa LoopsRanger Hut on Sentosa
Weekly34kph++uncapped35kmDrop Ride
6:00amRoadEast Coast BlastEast Coast Carpark (B1)Weekly32-34kph36-40+kph50kmY (fast group only)Colin Alexander
Wednesday5:30amRoadEddiesOld LonghouseWeekly34kph++uncapped65kmDrop RideGlenn Kenny
5:45amRoadExtended City West LoopRats CornerWeekly31kph40kph40kmNCarmen Fay
5:45amRoadExtended City West
Loop (Fast Group)
Jewel Coffee Shop –
Claymore Road
Weekly34kph++uncapped40kmDrop RideBruce Swales
6:00amRoadCity West LoopRats CornerWeekly33kph40kph35kmNCheck FaceBook if on
Thursday5:45amRoadSouthern BumpsCnr North Buona Vista
& Holland Road
(re-group at bottom of hills)
Philip Routley
9:30amRoadPrata RideRats CornerWeekly28kphVaries65kmNPeter ArchboldIncludes stop for Prata
19:00pmRoadTour of TuasPasir Panjang MRTWeekly32kphVaries70kmNAndrew CherimanOptional beers post
19:30pmMTBNight RideCnr Sixth Ave & Bukit Timah RdWeeklyVariesVaries30kmNChris RawlingsMin. 1200 lumen lights. Optional beers post ride
Friday5:55amRoadFive Fifty Five Fun
Friday (FFFFF) – aka City West Loop
Rats CornerWeekly32kph40kph35kmN
5:55amRoadCity West Loop (Fast)Jewel Coffee Shop – Claymore RoadWeekly34kph++uncapped35kmDrop Ride
Saturday5:15amRoadAllied Kemp Team
Rats CornerWeekly34kph+uncapped50kmDrop RidePeter BennettEnds at Food Canopy
5:55amRoadWest Coast / ClementiRats CornerWeekly32kph40kph25kmNBruce SwalesEnds at Food Canopy
5:55amRoadWest Coast / ClementiJewel Coffee Shop –
Claymore Road
Weekly34kph++uncapped25kmNEnds at Food Canopy
7:00amRoadSaturday Club RidesFood CanopyWeeklyVarious (28, 30, 32, 34,
35 & 36++ kph rides)
Varies65km & 80kmVariesMegan KinderEnds at Dimbulah Coffee
5:30amRoadNewcomers Induction
Coffee Bean,
Forum Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd
Monthly28kph28kphNMegan KinderEnds at Food Canopy.
Held on 1st Saturday of each month
Public Holidays6:00amRoadRound the Island (RTI)Food CanopyPublic Holidays32kph / 34kphVaries120+kmNEnds at Dimbulah Coffee