From Seoul to Singapore, the Korean dessert bar known for its unique spin on pudding has come to Keong Saik Road. With lighthearted music playing in the background, modern white walls, shelves of magazines, yellow seating and wooden tables. The naturally lit seating in the back area has a great street art motif along the spiral stairs of the building across.

Offering your usual fare of cake slices, coffees and teas – as well as alcohol-free cocktails like mojitos – it’s the Flower Pot Pudding that you’re here for. Choosing the espresso pudding ($6.50) over the strawberry and banana, the dessert is like a really soft cake, sitting nicely in a small terracotta garden pot with flowers. Using Oreo crumbs as dirt, and chocolate pebbles as stones, you’re given a shovel-shaped spoon to dig in. The flowers sit in a plastic straw cut to size, and the pudding sits in a cupcake paper to make ‘dishwashing’ easy – imagine cleaning chocolate off pottery. This spot is a relaxing space that the kids can enjoy.

Banana Tree
26 Keong Saik Road
Tel 6221 5020