The British singer with a voice that has fit every genre is going to be in town for the Singapore Grand Prix, performing at the Podium Lounge weekend party. She gave us a quick moment in the weeks leading up to her performance to chat.

You were here in Singapore a couple of years ago. Did you get to see much when you were in town?
I’ve been to Singapore three times. I love the city; it’s almost like a tropical England in the best way.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to checking out when you’re back here?
The markets are always a good time for me.

What tends to be your favourite venue to perform – large and loud, or small and intimate?
I don’t mind the audience size, as long as they have fun.

People have said your career has been pretty intense since you took that leap to approach Kanye in person all that time ago about your music. What was going in your head at the time, and how did you convince yourself to go for it?
I’ve never been scared, and I had a career in the UK of my own doing prior to meeting Kanye – so when I met him with the knowledge that he worked with a then talented singer John Legend, it was a no-brainer.

When do you find the best times to write lyrics to songs? Are they a slow process most of the time, or better when it’s a bit more raw and at once?
Songs and lyrics come whenever. Depends on what I’m around and what I’m being motivated by. There’s no particular time.

Have there been any new styles of music that you’ve been tempted to try out?
All of my albums and song collections are pretty eclectic. There isn’t a sound I haven’t done at some point in my career already.

How is it to also be a voice actor for the Steven Universe cartoon? Do you record with any of the other actors at the same time?
Steven Universe
is an awesome opportunity. Garnet is a character that was essentially created for me, and I relate to the idea of taking care of people. Sometimes we record together…sometimes separate.

Estelle is performing on Sunday 18 September at Podium Lounge as part of the Singapore Grand Prix.