We love a traditional Christmas dinner, but there’s always been a long-standing debate as to whether turkey really has its place on a platter of so many tastier treats. And really, how much turkey curry is a person expected to eat post 25 December?

If you’re looking for a turkey alternative to your Christmas celebrations, read on for two great recipes that will give your menu standout, and stop you reaching for extra gravy.

Stuffed Lamb, Roman Artichokes, Cynar, by Daniele La Rocca, Head Chef, Altro Zafferano

“In Italy, it is a known tradition to have a seafood-based meal on Christmas Eve.
However, there is also a lesser-known tradition to serve lamb on Christmas Day
lunch. My Stuffed Lamb recipe allows you to prepare everything in advance and be ready to finish it quite fast and easily when it needs to be served. That is the tip I
would give to anyone cooking during the holiday season: go for dishes that
you’re able to stand by in advance so that when your guests arrive, you will be
able to enjoy their company and still serve great food!”

Ingredients for 4 people

5 lamb loin (around 200g each)
10g sage
100g potatoes
4pcs artichokes “mammole”
20g parsley
5g garlic
5g mentuccia (roman mint)

1 anchovy
20g Cynar
100g lamb jus
Olive Oil


1. Wash the potatoes then place them in a pot. Cover with cold water and
bring to boil. Cook for 45minutes then strain from the water and while still hot
peel and mash the potato.
2. In a strong standing blender, blend the potato with the sage and 1 of the
lamb loins cut in small cubes. Adjust with salt and pepper, place in a piping
bag and set aside.
3. Place one layer of cling film on a kitchen counter and place one lamb loin on
one edge. With the piping bag, pipe a 0.5cm thick layer of filling along the
whole surface of the lamb loin. Place a second loin on top of the first being
careful as to not squeeze out the stuffing.
4. Roll the loins in the cling film as to obtain a round and tight roll. Repeat the
operation for the remaining loins.
5. Place the rolls in a vacuum bag and fully vacuum. Cook sousvide at 54°C for
2 hours then place in ice bath to cool down.
6. Aside, clean the artichokes of all external leaves. Trim the top and lightly peel
the stem. Delicately open the artichoke flower till the center is accessible.
7. Remove the center and stuff it with a mix of the parsley, garlic, mint and
anchovy. Close the artichoke back and place in a vacuum bag with olive oil
and salt. Steam at 85°C for 1hour. Once cooked, immerge in a water and ice
8. Pour the Cynar in a pot and bring to boil so as to eliminate the alcohol, add
the lamb jus and set aside.
9. When it is time to serve the dish, roast the lamb loin roll in a pan with olive oil,
then place on a tray and in a preheated oven at 160°C till reaches the right
temperature at the core (should be the same as cooking, 54°C).
10. Place artichokes in a large pot with olive oil and roast till golden brown.
11. Slice the lamb loin and serve plated with one artichoke and one full spoon of
the Cynar Jus.

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Beer, Pink Pepper & Citrus Ocean Trout Gravlax, served with whipped creme fraiche, toasted rye sour dough and arugula salad (serves 8 people), by Jake Kowalewski, Executive Chef, LeVeL33

“Where I’m from in Australia, we celebrate Christmas in a simple, laid-back way. Usually, we’d gather at a family member or friend’s house and have a barbeque of seafood and of course, great steaks. We also like to have a lot of chilled seafood such as prawns, lobsters and crabs paired with fresh salads as Christmas in Australia is in the summertime.
One of my favourite recipes is this beer cured ocean trout recipe as it is a light and refreshing add to any Christmas celebration.”


• 1kg sustainably farmed ocean trout skinned (or a sustainable farmed or wild salmon
if you cannot find ocean trout)
• 500ml LeVeL33 Brut Beer or another fruity full-flavoured beer
• 150g sea salt flakes
• 150g soft brown sugar
• 25g toasted pink peppercorn
• 1 zest of lemon
• 1 zest of orange


1. Combine all ingredients, except the ocean trout, into a bowl and mix until well
2. Place trout onto a tray and pour the cure mixture over the fish, making sure the whole
fish is covered.
3. Place in fridge for 24 hours. If the fish is not completely covered by the curing mixture,
turn the fish over every 6 hours for best results. This will make sure the fish is cured evenly
and flavour is distributed well.
4. Once it has been 24 hours, rinse all the curing mixture off the fish and pat dry. Slice
ocean trout ready to assemble the complete dish.
Crème fraiche
• 100g crème fraiche
• Juice of half lemon
• Salt and pepper to taste
1. Place all ingredients into a bowl and whip until it becomes soft peaks.
Rye sour dough
• 8 thick cut slices of toasted rye sour dough
1. Cut thick slices of sour dough and dress with extra virgin olive oil.
2. Grill until you have a nicely toasted and charred piece of sour dough.
Arugula salad
• 200g arugula
• 20g capers
• 50g red onion sliced thinly
• Sherry vinegar to taste
• Extra virgin olive oil to taste
• Salt and pepper to taste
1. Mix all ingredients together and it is ready to serve.
To assemble
1. Apply whipped crème fraiche to the toasted bread.
2. Add on top a generous amount of sliced ocean trout.
3. Finish with the fresh arugula salad for something like a bruschetta or open-faced