3 Everton Park #01-79, 080003

Lon Ho, Hawaiian founder of the newly-opened eatery Alaka’i, wanted his poke – pronounced poh-kay – eatery to be in a neighbourhood because the CBD lacks that homely feel of trees and calmness. With its bright blue and white decor, glass tables with blue wood borders, it’s the colour scheme of a relaxing beachhouse.

The menu offers five pre-made bowls, as well as a build-your-own menu with all the ingredients available. The proteins available range from salmon, tuna and prawn to tofu – with five sauces to choose from.

The Tahiti Nui Poke Plate ($15.45), one of the bowls from the menu, comes with raw salmon, a light white chive sauce and small bits of red capsicum. On the side are two serves of brown rice with sesame seeds, a mashed potato and macaroni mix, and fresh pineapple pieces.

There’s an espresso machine for coffee, and while there are plans to expand its wine and beer selection to make for a relaxed after-work drink spot, this is a welcomed addition to Everton Park.