Holistic Executive Coach, Josephine Corcoran talks to Charley Larcombe about finding vocational fulfilment in 2018.

In an ever-increasing materialistic world, filled with ‘busy’-ness, more and more often, I’m meeting people who feel disconnected, overwhelmed and lacking clarity in their career direction.

Surprisingly, most of these people are living The Dream Life – on paper. They and/or their partners have risen to senior levels in their careers and have all the trappings of ‘success’ that money brings. But for a growing number, wealth and status are no longer enough.

People are in search of a deeper sense of meaning and are desperate to find ways to work/be that’s authentic to who they are at their core. And the only way to re-connect with what matters most is to invest time in self-discovery. And it requires grounding yourself in everyday experience with humility.

Now, I appreciate that for many, the idea of slowing the mind, body and breath and going inwards to self-reflect, is daunting, especially when you’ve never done it, have no idea what’s involved or where to start. To be honest, that was me 12 years ago. Yet, having taken a deep dive into my own personal and professional development since then, I am now not only crystal clear about my purpose, I have realised my journey is to help others along the same path.

As a Holistic Executive Coach, I empower clients to connect with their purpose, access their unique set of strengths and find ways to operate that enables them to thrive. My area of expertise and passion is supporting people to flourish in careers and vocations that they’re destined for. Put plainly, I believe that everyone has a unique purpose, and that their role is to honour it by using their strengths, meeting their needs and choosing work that brings deep meaning to their soul. And being clear on that, is of increasing importance as we’re moving into a new way of working.


To help you make the most of 2018’s energies here’s a couple of simple ways you can approach work and life.  Check out the Jan/Feb issue of the ANZA Magazine for the full article.


Mindfulness as a concept has exploded in recent years. Research abounds about the wide range of benefits – it reduces stress, increases our sense of wellbeing and our sense of connectivity to others. It also improves focus, stimulates creativity and improves memory.

Now, more than ever, those who sit in meditation regularly will have the ability to really tune into their needs and identify best next steps. When you’re regularly tuned in to your gut instinct, you build trust around using it. And when you use it, you are able to make the most powerful decisions for yourself and your career/business.

Unfortunately, traditional ways of doing business have taught many of us to ignore our gut feel unless we’ve first found enough evidence to validate our thoughts. From now on though, those who choose to work with their intuition will move ahead in leaps and bounds and those who ignore it, will be left behind.


  • To build intuition, create room for mindfulness practices – there are some great apps such as headspace and smiling mind with guided meditation.
  • Experiment trusting your gut with decision-making for a week and see how it unfolds.



Many of my clients come to me at a point of crisis in their career. Some are ready to quit as they can’t stand their boss or work environment any longer. Others are sick and tired from having to leave a key part of who they really are at the office door each day and are finally ready to work in a more authentic way. Others are based at home and are looking for a deeper purpose in life and ways to activate that.

Traditional organisations were built on command and control leadership systems. Success was judged by how high up in the organisation you rose and what you were paid. Unfortunately in aspiring for the top jobs, many people put the things that really mattered to them to one side by disconnecting from their true feelings. In turn, businesses that operated that way became sterile and lacked soul.

But now a growing number of consumers want to purchase from and work with businesses that are ‘real’ and openly communicate what they stand for. In fact, the more connected their messaging is to what’s in their heart, the more they will attract opportunities to them.

So as you think about your role this year, take time to get clear on what really matters to you. Whether you work for a business, yourself or have chosen a vocation of service in the home, consider how you can communicate with others what you’re most passionate about. I guarantee it will support your growth and your business’s growth this year.



  • What do I stand for?
  • What makes me unique in the world?
  • What can I reveal to others that allow them to connect more deeply with me?