“You don’t need to be a cyber guru to protect yourself in the cyber realm.” Matthew Simon, Forensic Sales Consultant at Magnet Forensics gives a teaser of what to expect at next week’s Chill, Chat, Connect!

ANZA's Chill, Chat, Connect cyber security talk in Singapore

Give us an idea of what you do:
As a Forensic Consultant, I help our customers solve the problems they face when performing forensic analysis of data, on anything from phones and computers to accessing data in the cloud and IOT devices. Today, just about everything from your fridge to your toaster can be connected to the internet and hold data.

What would people find most surprising about your job?
It may seem surprising that digital forensic analysis and your personal cyber security aren’t opposing ideas. Digital forensic analysis is performed on lawfully sized devices and data, often by law enforcement or investigators in corporate environments. We aim to understand what the data means to help in an investigation.

Good cyber security protects your data from unlawful access and people that will do you harm, often simply to make money. Many people might be surprised that a few simple steps can really increase your personal cyber security.

Can you give a teaser of what you will be covering in your talk at Chill, Chat, Connect?
It may seem difficult or impossible to have good personal cyber security to protect yourself from bad guys, but actually, like physical security, such as locking your front door, there are a few simple measures you can take to protect yourself from many common attacks.

What can people expect to take away with them after your talk.
You don’t need to be a cyber guru to protect yourself in the cyber realm.

Join Matthew and the ANZA Team at Chill, Chat, Connect on Tuesday 12 June at Club Co, from 6.30pm to get to grips with your cyber security. Check out some of the newest places around town, meet like-minded people and unlock networking opportunities. Register here.