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If you’ve recently arrived in Singapore, you may have realised that life in the Red Dot can be quite expensive. The cost of childcare, schools, apartment rentals, and transport can add up quickly. But did you ever ask yourself how much a hospitalisation for an emergency surgery can cost? Or how expensive it could be to give birth in Singapore? Insurance experts UEX outlines 5 health care expenses to consider.

The price of childbirth can vary considerably. Several factors must be taken into account including the hospital type, type of rooms and type of childbirth. For example, the cost of childbirth without caesarean can vary from S$3,200 for a 4-bed room in a public hospital, to more than S$9,700 for a single room in a private hospital. Prices can increase drastically if complications occur during childbirth. A caesarean with serious complications can rise up to S$17,000.

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2. Hospitalisation
Hospitalisation in Singapore can be very expensive. For example, an appendectomy without complications can vary from S$4,600 in a public hospital, to more than S$17,000 in a private hospital.

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3. General Practitioner
The cost of a regular consultation with a GP will vary, depending on the practitioner. A short consultation with a local GP costs around S$20. A home consultation starts from S$120. If you need to consult an international practitioner, the cost of a consultation will rise significantly.

4. Specialists
Specialists costs can add up over repeat visits. Here are some examples of specialist consultations’ costs:

  • A dermatology consultation at the National Skin Center costs S$120
  • A consultation with a pediatrician generally costs around S$120
  • A first gynecologist consultation at the KK Women’s and Children’s hospital costs from S$115.

5. Dental and optical care
A preventive dentist consultation starts from S$30. The cost of a simple tooth extraction starts from S$100. An outpatient consultation at the Singapore National Eye Centre costs from S$95. A vision test performed by an optometrist costs on average S$60.

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