Volunteers are ANZA’s most valuable asset, working tirelessly to support our sporting, social and charity groups. We’re raising a glass and applauding our amazing volunteers and ANZA community at Celebrating ANZA on 25th September.

“Volunteers are the heartbeat of ANZA,” says ANZA President PJ Roberts. “Without them ANZA does not exist. This event is about celebrating volunteerism and the positive impact it has on the lives of our members.”

What do our volunteers say about the work they do for ANZA?

“As anyone who volunteers knows, the rewards you get are much richer than what you put in,” says Fleur Maidment from ANZA Tours, who with the rest of the tours committee, arranges interesting and culturally-rich experiences for our members – from charity walks to workshops and special tours which delve deeper into Singapore’s diverse society.

“There are many people who volunteer and do excellent work amongst all of the groups”, says Pat Taylor from Secret Men’s Business, an ANZA men’s social group who do a range of charity work for Melrose Home. “It’s a fantastic organisation – there is something in ANZA for everyone.”

“What I love about volunteering is that I’m surrounded by lots of special and interesting people that give their time and energy,” says Skye Wellington, who leads a huge team of volunteers at ANZA Singapore Nippers. “I get to see the best of humanity in action.”

What keeps Skye focused is echoed throughout our community. “Seeing smiles helps you stay the course and realise you’re part of something bigger that gives back to so many people.”


Here’s your opportunity to give our vollies a big thank you. Nominate your ANZA hero here and tell us why they’re doing us proud.